Friday, February 26, 2010

Finding Fairy Boats

We made it out into nature this week, yay! In fact we only drove 10 minutes away to this gorgeous little creek.

We have had a considerable amount of rain of late so I wasn't sure how it would be. It definitely had alot more water running through there than normal. It took a bit of precision to get across without being washed away!

Whilst we didn't see any exciting wildlife, we had a carefree morning,

full of digging and water play

Dam building

Seeing who could make the biggest splashes, watching the ripples that the splashes made and listening to the sounds that the different sized rocks made as they hit the water.

and trying to catch things, anything really. When all of a sudden we spotted this,

a perfectly formed Fairy Leaf Boat. How very exciting. We were on the other side of the creek at this time and the water near where we were was far too deep to just wade across. B made a run for it before the little boat got washed further down stream.

I think I was more excited than the kids about our little find.

B attempted to make a sail but getting it to stand up was tricky. It was at that point that I suggested that he may have in fact stolen a Fairy's Boat and that they may not be happy when they realise. I'd say at this point he thought I was loopy but I'm not sure as I didn't receive any comment from him.

K on the other hand, her eyes lit up and her mind was a whirl. It was about then that the boat washed further downstream.

We went searching for Fairy evidence, this was all could find?

K loved this little piece of very slimy rock moss.

This little guy decided to join us for a snack. His friends watched in the distance.

Little C didn't want them to leave though.

Mummy look at the big truck going past!

Not sure how well you can see this but, look down below and you can see where the creek is and then how high the recent waters rose in this area, it must of been a gushing torrent running through here. This lead to many discussions about water and floods.

Another lovely morning with nature.


Debbie said...

Oh what a beautiful day and place for an outing. I loved the story of the fairy boat!

Caz said...

Love the fairy boat ;) My boys would've been fairy hunting hi & low after that! Looks like a nice quiet spot!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day, and what a beautiful boat! That is such a cool find. Thank you for posting photos of it!

Anonymous said...

a morning i dont think Miss K will forget .....what little girl doesnt dream of finding a fairy boat!!!! I must remember to ask her to tell the bear about it!!

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