Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Preschool Corner # 4 ~ More Math & Even Some Reading

We had another bumper week with K5's Preschool, I'm not sure what has come over her, she is begging for her school stuff and is powering along.

This week she finished off the last 5 lessons in the 1st Singapore Math Preschool Book, these lessons included:

  • Counting Orally
  • Arranging Numbers in Sequence
  • The conversation of Number
  • Ordering according to size
  • Ordering according to capacity
  • Visual judgement of sizes of different containers
  • Finding capacity by counting
  • Awareness of heavy and light
  • Comparing heavier and lighter
  • Awareness that weight is not necessarily related to size

Working with volume, this lesson alone she worked at for nearly an hour. It was so hands on and so wet, two of her favourite things to do (getting wet and doing pretty much anything hands on)

Discussing lighter and heavier.

Trying out an assortment of things in the scales, relating to lighter and heavier.

Making patterns of 5 with square pieces of paper. This was to visualise that the same number of things can look very different in a group. (the conversation of number).

She also started the 2nd Singapore Math Preschool Book and finished the 1st lessons from that, which covered:

  • Recognition of solid shapes: sphere, cube, cone, cylinder
  • Reading & Writing nummerals: 1, 2, 3, 4

Tracing and writing numbers.

And we both had a grin from ear to ear when she picked up some readers and read them!!

I got these from the last Lifeline Bookfest for 50c (that's about all they worth IMO). Their not the best of readers, just very simple sight word introduction. Once the child has been shown what the 'special' words are (in the top corner of each book cover) and the first sentence of the first page they can pretty much read the whole book. Each of these (5 in total) were read every day this week.

They certainly gave her a wonderful boost and it surely must of been a really nice feeling to know that she could read and that it really isn't that hard afterall. So if nothing else at least these little books gave her that.

This is another Aldi special, I think I paid around $6 for it. Basically you need to match up 3 puzzle pieces with a cause and an effect. For example, there is a puzzle piece with a plain white tshirt on it, one with some paints on a palette and then another with the same white shirt but it is covered in the exact paint colours from the other puzzle piece.

Some of these are very easy and some a little tricky, probably more so because some of the pictures are a little hard (for a 5 year old) to distinguish exactly what they are supposed to be. She did 3 or 4 at a time so as not to be overwhelmed with all of those puzzle pieces in front of her.

I am sure that I have mentioned before that K5 also attends a community preschool/kindergarten 2 days a week. I asked her to draw me a special picture this week and here it is for your viewing pleasure *grin*

Our little family, mum, dad, K5, B7, C1 and the dog. B7 really wasn't impressed that he had no arms LOL!

She also completed this cool spray bottle painting (and was covered head to toe in paint I might add!!). I love it and am thinking that these paintings would make great wrapping paper. We have tried to paint our own wrapping paper before with stamps but it just seems to take forever to get even just a few pieces completed. This way I could peg a bunch to the fence, give the kids various bottles of watered down paint and off they it's loads of fun too boot!

We headed to our local show on Friday night, the kids were eager to see how they went with their entries. Just seeing their work on display was exciting and noticing other people admiring what they had created was cool.

**Sorry really bad photography ahead**

So of course you can imagine the grin when K5 saw that she had won 2nd Prize for her Lego House entry.

It's quite difficult to see here as they put everything behind cages, away from touching fingers. I will try and get a post about the show on our family blog inthe next couple of days and will include a clearer photo.

She had her first ride on a super dooper fast fair ground ride. I was a little worried for her at first but she loved it! She's such a daredevil and B7 went on the whizzer the first time when he was 5 and enjoyed it also. DH said that as soon as it stopped all she wanted to do was go again.

Getting finger printed from the local police. Or should I say hand printed, these guys this year decided to do her whole hand, what ever happened to FINGER PRINTING!

And she was a fantastic big sister and held on to her little brother the whole way for him to enjoy his first fairground/merry go round ride.

We had another great week of Preschool (even if I am a little late at posting). Hop on over to Homeschool Creations to see what everyone else got up to this week in their Preschool Corner.


Virginia Lee said...

Wow, you were busy this week.

I really like the spray bottle painting. My son would love this. What type of paint did you put in the spray bottles?

Wendy said...

Hooray for successful K5 days! It looks like she is really moving along with math. My Gavin is the same way. He grasped math early and has moved far ahead with it. Sounds like K5 is poised to do the same thing!

And congratulations to K5 for her second place win!!!

Kez said...

Looks like a great week! Congrats to K5 on her 2nd place!!!

Can I tell you how pleased I am to see someone else's child doing school in their PJs? lol

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Wow, you keep busy! It sounds like K5 is doing awesome, and her Lego house is quite impressive. I have to look into this Singapore math - it looks very intriguing.

Deborah said...

We also use the Singapore Earlybird Maths. My girl loves it as well. LOL and we also have a copy of those set of books too. :) I love the look of that cause and effect set.

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