Monday, September 7, 2009

Lizard Spotting

I've been meaning to share these for a week now, I just kept forgetting. Whilst at the park for our nephew's 2nd Birthday we spent a bit of time Lizard spotting. The park has a creek that runs through it and around the boundary and it is home to many Bearded Dragons. Some of them are huge.

The kids were all very intrigued but I can tell you that they were certainly glad there was a fence separating them from the lizards and too be honest so was I!

In fact after looking at this picture I'm not sure if it actually was lizard spotting, I think it was more likely spot the human. I can count 6 lizard's in this picture and I am sure there were another few that were just sitting outside of the shot. So considering there were about 7 of us watching from the fence I'd say that spot the human is probably pretty spot on lol!

Can you see any more than 6?


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Wendy said...

Wow, how cool! I love lizards and haven't seen any this year. I'm told I should see some here in Korea, but it hasn't happened as of yet.

I'm loving the mama and her baby lizards!

Caz said...

Our boys LOVE spotting dragons too Kylie. The botanical gardens is a haven for them... we see dozens there every time we go.

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