Friday, March 29, 2013

Outdoor Hour: Fungi & Printable Note Book Pages

The Outdoor Hour challenge this month was Lichen, Moss & Fungi. With all of the rain we've had here this year we didn't even need to leave our yard to hunt down and discover an array of fungi.

Once we started looking I couldn't believe my eyes with all of the different varieties right here in our own back yard. The kids were pretty excited running here, there and everywhere looking for fungi. I could here shouts, "I've found a different one over here!"

I wanted a record of our time spent looking more closely at the fungi but didn't want to turn this into a chore, so I put together a very simple notebooking page for the kids to illustrate the fungi of their choice.

Everyone agreed on water colours for this exercise. Lego Lover (11) chose a single stand alone specimen.

From the Fairy Princess, 8.

Little Surfer Dude, 4.

We also completed a second page with the all of the photographs taken during the backyard fungi hunt.

After Fungi we were on a bit of a roll and notebooked some of our backyard flowers and birds. I'm sharing these simple notebook pages over at my box storage.

Download the note book pages by clicking here.

I'm linking this post up to the Outdoor hour Challenge over at Handbook of Nature Study.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful paintings! I think when the weather improves we might sit by the pond and do some painting. How idyllic does that sound? If only the sun would come out.....

Anonymous said...

Kylie what great pictures they are from very talented artsy children! Hope to see you at Cabbage Tree Point again soon! Petra :-)

Liesl -- The Homeschool Den said...

Your kids did a great job on these! Thanks for sharing your printables. Your trip around Queensland looked wonderful. Hubby is heading to Australia for work in about 10 days and the kids and I are SO sad we can't come too! I always love catching up with what you've all been up to. ~Liesl

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