Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Plans & Curriculum

I know here we are in March already and I'm only just now sharing with you our plans for the year. Oh well, that's just how I roll. This is not a complete detailed list of resources, just an overview that includes the core parts of each subject area.

Lego Lover  11 years

Outside Activities: Dancing includes, Jazz, Hip Hop & Musical Theatre. Drama Group at local theatre

Fairy Princess 8 years

Outside Activities: Gymnastics. Drama Group at local theatre

Little Surfer Dude 4 years

Maths: Fun Activities that I find or come up with. Australian Curriculum Prep book that he works in when he feels like it.

*** Absolutely no pressure for this little guy, he really does what he pleases. I just make a variety of things available to him.

Outside Activities: Gymnastics

All Together

Five In A Row: we are using this program with our Learning Circle group, so it is mainly for the younger two, however where I can fit it in I do have Lego Lover participate in some way. For example when we rowed Caps For Sale he did some Monkey research for his Animal Kingdom Notebook. When we rowed The Glorious Flight he rowed it in his own time as he took a great deal of interest in that particular topic.

Aussie Book Adventures: quite simply we use the FIAR concept but work with Australian books.

History using Story of the World: this poor program has been picked up and put back on our shelves a few times now. This year we are using it with our Learning Circle Group, reading a chapter at home, we come together for a group discussion, notebooking, map work, time lines and a hands on activity. It’s working really well that way.

Science using Real Science 4 Kids: again using this program with our Learning Circle in the same format we are using STOW.

Geography/Social Studies: We are covering via Country Themed days such as the one we completed at the end of last year on Japan. Lots of hands on activities with a lapbook to compile all that we do.

Art: I have purchased Harmony Art Year 1 program, just waiting on one more book to arrive before we start. We will also be making some use of this book throughout the year. A large portion of unit studies include art and craft activities also.

Nature Study: This is one area that is dear to me but one area that I’ve just never been able to make consistent time for. I’m considering grabbing another family and trying some nature study that way. It seems when I lock in with others I am much better at doing what needs to be done. I visit and enjoy reading all of the Outdoor Hour Challenges, hoping we can try and give these a go at some point during the year.

Learning Circle Group: We’ve joined with a small group of families (11 children in all) to work on some of our subjects collaboratively. During this time we cover Writing (non writers doing FIAR), History/Science (alternates each term), Music (keyboard), Practical Life Skills and a Newspaper study. The Learning Circle meets once a week, during school terms.

Other: We attend regular park meets, excursions and play dates with other home schooling families.

So in a nutshell, that's us for the year ahead.  We are nearing the end of the first term already and I'm very happy with the direction we are headed in.


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lOVE ALL OF THIS. Tonight I'll come back and glean and gather :)

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