Monday, April 15, 2013

Exploring The Arts In The Park

We took a short drive down the coast this weekend to attend the inaugural Art in the Park Festival. Like most new community events it wasn't massive, but then it didn't attract a million and one visitors either, which made for a very lovely day all round. Loads of free fun for the kids!

Tattoo's for everyone.

They all tried their hand a spot of aerial hoops, circus here we come!

We spent most of our day with Spiderman and a little Flower Girl.

Both boys loved the African Drumming workshop. They got to spend a good 15 minutes with this, was absolutely fabulous for a free workshop.

Under the art tent, the children had the choice of a canvas, wood plaque or a boomerang to paint as they wished.

They loved the aerial silks too. There we other hands on activities that we either didn't get to or the kids chose not to, Hebel Carving, Clay Sculpting, Sand Sculpting. Plus live entertainment, demonstrations from some of the display holders and of course food.

If you are local be sure to catch this one next year!


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