Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monthly Memories March 2012

Where has this month gone. I seriously thought I had days to prepare this post only to realise that today is the last day of the month, ack!!

A super busy month around here that's for sure and I don't have a huge amount of photographic memories to show for it.

Anyway, I'll share what I can :-)

Everyone is still moving along nicely with their respective maths and language arts work. Nothing overly exciting to report on there.

Little Surfer Dude spent some time with Australian Coins, looking at them more closely and learning a little about each one. Fairy Princess joined in for some review on this.

Little Surfer Dude has had a keen hands on month of learning fun. We have spent quite a few mornings out where his Montessori inspired work area is and he has explored a varying array of activities.

We've been looking more closely at Australian Animals too. In particular the pouched kind. The baby kangaroo making its' way to the pouch was extremely intriguing.

Whilst we don't proclaim to be a natural learning (unschooling) family, we do believe that learning through play is equally as important as structured learning and in the younger years far more important.  Therefore, I could probably fill an entire monthly post just with learning through play images ;-)

We spent 5 days on the sunshine coast, yes we took our basics with us and worked on that daily. The true beauty of homeschooling is being able to take your work with you.

My mum spent a couple of those days with us. She is an avid crossword lover. Lego Lover spent a large amount of his time with her, working on the details of crosswords. Getting hints and tips from his Nan.

Everyone spent a large portion of their days on body control, trick jumps and seeing how high they could jump or flip into the pool.

We spent some time exploring the local mangrove area, discussing their importance and spotting some of the hidden creatures within them.

This sunprint kit afforded us an entire afternoon of educational fun.

Learning how to manipulate a boogie board and the ins and out of the surf is fun but tiring play!

We continued along with our networks co-op classes of Science and Art.

Little Surfer Dude loves his soccer 'man' and looks forward to this every week.

The children completed Easter themed ceramic plates. For a first attempt at something this size they were both very happy with them.

On a seperate day we had some cake decorating fun. The senior classes turned a humble chocolate easter egg into a clown.

Whilst the junior groups made nests, decorated egg holders and little icing chicks.

It's always a struggle to get these to last until dad comes home, but we got there ;-)

Along with our co-op classes we continued our extra curricular days with our distance ed school. They remain a much anticipated day of the week.

We managed to sneek in some park play time too this month with fellow homeschoolers and had the opportunity to meet some new friends.

A day at Seaworld is always fun no matter what you end up doing or who you meet!

We got totally soaked on the pirate ship water play zone!

Little Surfer Dude is starting to warm up to more of the rides.

And had a memorable encounter with a sting ray or two.

Whilst there is always so much more to our days than what we could ever capture here, that does about wrap up our month.

Another month full of wonderful experiences, homeschooling truly is a blessing.

So what about you what have you gotten up to this month? Link up your monthly wrap up post for March below.


Sara said...

What a lovely month!

Erin said...

Easy to see your dc loved your holiday away:)

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I love the idea of month in review. Looks like you had a lot of fun in March!

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