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The Bilbies First Easter Activities

Their farm was baked dry by drought. But with hope, faith, and the help of the bilbies, William makes an Easter surprise more magical than any bunny could deliver. (fishpond)

Easter Bilby Activities
We spent Good Friday with family, the kids enjoyed some fun activity time with Grandma, who brought along her 'The Bilbies' First Easter' story sack.

The Bilbies First Easter

They began by reading the story of The Bilbies' First Easter, before moving into some fun hands on activities to help bring the book alive.

Bilby Activities

Everyone was keen to make their very own chocolate Easter Bilby.

Eating the chocolate, though was a whole lot more fun.

mmmmm Yum, these Easter Bilbies' are good.

Bilby Fun For Kids

In the story the Bilbies' paint rainbow coloured eggs to bring to William, for a simpler version the kids simply decorated their eggs with rainbow coloured felt pens.

The older members of the crew made themselves (with Grandma's help) a cute Bilby pencil topper.

Materials Required:
  • Pencil
  • Grey Pipe Cleaner
  • Pink Pipe Cleaner
  • Pink Pony Bead
  • Goggle Eyes
  • Pink Felt
Begin by wrapping the grey pipe cleaner around the top of the pencil. Use only about half of the pipe cleaner. Shape the end half into two long bilby ears and secure the end of the pipe cleaner with a twist.

Twist the pink pipe cleaner around the base of the grey pipe cleaner, just a couple of times (enough to hold it securely) place a pony bead on the end and twist up the pipe cleaner to ensure the bead doesn't fall off. This is the Bilby tail.

Bilby Craft
Now simply add his facial details, eyes, a small triangular nose and his little pink ears. And there you have your very own special Bilby.

A few simple hands on activities can really bring a book alive.

"Grandma" operates Butterfly Wings: Butterfly Wings Child Parent Programs (BWCPP) are Early Intervention and Early Literacy programs focusing on singing traditional and contemporary rhymes and songs and playing simple singing games which help children and adults to become familiar with each other and form secure attachments.

You can visit their website by clicking here and follow Butterfly Wings on facebook by clicking here.

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The cover art of this book is so inviting! Thanks for joining WMCIR!

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What a cute book! I love your craft!

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