Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Mudjimba Getaway - Local Playgrounds

I thought I'd continue to share with you playgrounds as I get the chance to visit and photograph them. I know when I visit new to us areas I am always on the lookout for playgrounds.

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The Harry Stuart Memorial Garden is situated beach side on Mudjimba Esplanade, with a small handful of cafes and shops directly across the road.

Whilst this isn't a playground one would rave about, it is very well maintained. Has toilet facilities, several BBQ's with undercover areas and is very popular on the weekends.

Midweek however, you will pretty much have the place to yourself.

The equipment is broken into two areas, one more suited to older children and then a smaller area for the young ones. A large portion of the equipment has shade sails covering the area.

Lego Lover turns eleven this year and so is getting to that age where many playgrounds don't have the appeal they once had. However there were still a few pieces here that he enjoyed.

Little Surfer Dude is definitely in his prime in regards to playground age, he is still small enough to play on the junior area but is agile enough to get around the larger structures of most playgrounds.

This little walk bridge is the perfect alternative to a rope style bridge that many two and three year olds are often scared of.

Fairy Princess is also happy in pretty much any play ground, add in some movement and well, you've made her day. There is one set of pretty standard swings within the play area too.

A large grassy area, perfect for playing ball sports surrounds the play facilities and beyond that is the beach.

Between the two, are several trees, some, are perfect for climbing. With large low branches that are easy to grab a hold of the bigger two are up there in a dash. Little Surfer Dude has some growing to do before he can achieve this feat all on his own.

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Ticia said...

It looks like a pretty cool area to me. My kids would sure enjoy that playscape, and the trees, WOW!

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