Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Bilby Printable Bambino Pack

It's time for some Easter fun and there's no better way to do that here in Australia than with our adorable little Bilby!

Unfortunately the poor old Easter Bunny doesn't get a good wrap here in Australia. To put it simply they are an introduced pest that causes widespread havoc on our native lands and farming crops.

For several years there has been a push for our native Bilby to take the Easter Bunny's place here in Australia.

We will spend the next couple of weeks prior to Easter learning a little more about our Bilby friends.

For the little one among us I have put together a few simple Bambino Academy activities for him.

Inside the Easter Bilby pack you will find:

Easter Bilby puzzles.

Easter Egg Basket Playdough Mat

Handwriting Practice

Patterning Strips

Pre-writing Tracing

Colours with Easter Eggs

Scissor Work with cutting strips

Dot Marker—B is for Bilby

Handwriting Practice—B is for Bilby

Colouring Pages

Simply click here to download the pack.

My cute graphics are from Melonheadz :-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely pack Kylie, thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Looks great! I remember seeing a book at the library that would go well with this...The Smallest Bilby and the Easter Games.

The Homeschool Den said...

This is SO, So cute! If you don't mind I'll be sharing that in my post about springtime and Easter printables! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Been using these this week and love them all!!!

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