Friday, March 16, 2012

A Mudjimba Getaway - The Beaches

Mudjimba beaches are beautiful, wide expansive sand to spread out on and the beach goes for miles. Finding flags to swim between is a breeze here also :-)

Mudjimba Island, rests just off the shore. A small uninhabited island, although the kids wondered aloud about visiting it one day.

The weather was glorious, the waves near perfect and after a play in the water Little Surfer Dude was happy drawing people in the sand, whilst the other two continued to swim.

We had a little fun with shadows and faces.

Lego Lover simply will not go to the beach if there is not a Life Guard on duty. This was something he was quite adamant about. We took the opportunity to revisit the flags and their meanings. I was pleased to see that he had remembered everything from an excursion last year.

This will be remembered as the summer that Lego Lover and Fairy Princess fell in love with the surf. Boogie Boards definitely had a lot to do with this. However I feel age, confidence and swimming ability were also major factors.

They have gone from kids that would choose a pool any day over the beach and when they were at the beach they wanted to leave after about an hour or so; to kids that never come out of the water.

Wave after wave after wave and not only on the boards, but body surfing also. Yes they've experienced their fair share of dunkings, of coming up coughing and spluttering, but they are learning so much about the power of the mighty ocean and about themselves.

It's been an awesome summer for me also! As I have been able to rekindle my love affair with the surf.  In my 10 years of having children that is one thing that I have missed and almost forgot about. Swimming in the surf is a wonderfully invigorating experience and I'm so thankful that I am no longer just a bystander sitting on the beach, getting burnt to a crisp.

Even the youngest delights in catching his fair share of the waves. Granted his stamina is nowhere near that of his big brother, but I can easily see in summers to come that there will be no stopping him.

We love this beach side spot, with the option of calm water or the excitement of the surf, it is a place we will be heading back to again and again.


Tina Jenkins said...

This is a great beach isn't it? We stayed there a few years ago.

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