Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nanoblocks - Micro Building Blocks - Have You Seen These?

On a recent visit to the Art Gallery we decided to have a browse through their store and stumbled across a small display of what appeared to be, mini Lego blocks.

Mini Lego Blocks!!! Yes, well no, not exactly.

They are a Japanese invention - Nanoblocks - to be exact.

These things are tiny. The smallest bricks are just 4mm x 4mm. Have a look in the picture. We've placed a regular 4 x 4 grey lego brick in it with a similar green  Nanoblocks version sitting on top, wow!

The premise being that due to the minute size, the end product of the creations built with Nano blocks are much more realistic.

At this stage there doesn't appear to be a huge range available. Lego Lover chose the Red & Green Macaw with stand. The instructions were easy to follow he put this together effortlessly, whilst relenting how very small the pieces were!! The completed Macaw is only about 5cms in height.

Yes he's already making lists of some of the other designs that he would like to acquire.

If you are in Australia, check out BLOCKSHOP, in the USA, My Nano Block

It looks like we have another creative construction outlet to add to the 'brick addiction' around here ;-)

Disclosure: I purchased our pack of Nanoblocks and have not been compensated in any way for this post.


Sig said...

I did see these! Love the piano :)

Brittney said...

I haven't seen these before...but I've only just now been brave enough to give my kids regular Lego blocks. My 5 year old really likes building with other types of blocks, so if he is interested enough in the Lego sets, I'll have to look for these!

Rita said...

What will they come up with next; love teh garnd piano.

Caz said...

lol those look excellent!

homegrownoddity said...

They're so cool! I have a lot of lego stuff that I've bought for the Whos over the years tucked away for the future - I know I was seriously addicted to lego as a young'un and I get the feeling it's an addiction that can get seriously out of control! LOL said...

Wow, exciting. I love to play with Nano block and i just collect my nano Block mini from at PIJ. Its really awesome as well as your posts too.
Thanks for your nice blog.

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