Thursday, July 14, 2011

Workshops Rail Museum - Build It

Yesterday we took a trip to the Ipswich Rail Museum, it's roughly 45 minutes from home, but is a great place to visit, especially if you have train loving kids in your house.

The children participated in a Crane Construction Workshop for a part of the visit.

They learnt about cranes, their function and the various types of cranes, via a series of slides and a presentation.

Then they proceeded to construct their own crane and work/play with its' various functions. Discussing what they were taught during the presentation.

Whilst the Bulid It Exhibition is on there are several activity stations placed around the museum all revolving around construction of some kind or another.

I don't think we got the opportunity to see even half of the hands on activities they had available.

Never the less, everyone had a fabulous time. During the week you are virturally the only ones there so definitely a great place to go for a day out.

Over the back of the museum they have a children's play area, with roads, a train track, bikes and trikes, large builidng blocks and trucks and trains to play in.

However, I warn you, it may be bery difficult to get your children to leave, I'm just sayin!

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Anonymous said...

Were you there on Tuesday??? If so, we were too with the Lockyer Valley Group... Someone told me there was another homeshooling group attending. By the way, I'm in the middle of my Build It! post {lol}

The Adventurer said...

Great field trip. I am hosting a field trip hop at
Hope you will link up and share your adventures:)

Sara said...

We enjoyed it too :)

Anonymous said...

looks like the kids had a great day. one of our favourite spots. it was great when we homeschooled and was involved with the scouts as we doubled up on field trips out there. always something new to do and discover.

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