Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bambino Academy: Using The Telephone

 ~ C is 35 months ~

It wasn't that long ago that we needed to pretend role play in order for young children to learn how to use the telephone. 

Playing with phones and talking on phones is something that C has loved doing since he was able to hold a phone. Now I highly doubt that the fact that he sees his dad on the phone alot would of had anything to do with, but I'm just saying you know!

In recent months he has been picking up the receiver and talking to it and wanting me to pretend with his old (broken) mobile phone that he loves dearly. Being the obliging mamma that I am, I decided to take this play up a notch, grabbed my mobile and called him.

C Upon answering the phone: "Yes mum, watch doin?"
Mum:"What do we say again when we answer the phone, remember it won't always be mummy here talking to you"
C: " Hello, C speaking"
And we proceeded to have a running commentary about the bird outside our window, amongst other discussions.

Well consequently we have done nothing all morning except chat on the phone to each other. He's rung dad, dad's rung him...wanted more. He rang Nan, no one home...wanted more, he rang his Aunty had a little chat.

Finally I was able to coax him outside to play some.

I can see us doing lots of more this over the coming weeks, mmmmmm best not teach him anyone's phone numbers just yet, oh to think of the phone bill!


Alawiyyah said...

thank God for capped phone plans :-)

Kristy Chip said...

I love pretend phone conversations... we have two handsets for the portable phone so often use the intercom function to chat and practice phone protocol. So much fun!

Michelle said...

So cute! My youngest loves to talk on the phone. We keep index cards next to the phone for my oldest daughter to remember what to say when she calls someone and when she answers the phone, and we keep a card there too with all of the numbers of people she might need to call.

Bianca said...

Yay!!! I think I have learned how to comment as me!!! I need to use firefox instead of explorer for some reason.
We will have to get 'C' to give 'R' a call :)

Anonymous said...

Simply delightful!!!


Alena said...

L is loving th phone too. C can call him anytime!

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