Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Declutter, Plan & Prepare 2011: January

You might remember me mentioning my plans to declutter, not only the areas in our home that need it but also in my life in general.Well I thought I'd show you what I accomplished this past month.

The Christmas Fare is an obvious one! Supplies in this department really grow very easily for some reason. I generally purchase 1 - 3 new items/decorations each season and it's amazing to see how those small purchases grow into a mountain of goodies.

Now if I was being realistic, these boxes of Christmas Decorations and Craft Supplies really should have been sorted and culled BEFORE I stored them but they weren't........I'll add that to my November/December decluttering project for this year ;-)

I sorted through both B's and K's wardrobes (sorry no photo's I forgot) and gave away 3 garbage bags of hand me downs to their cousins.

The pile in the photo is baby clothes sorted and ready to giveaway....there's loads more baby stuff to come yet, but that was a good chunk of it.

I spent a large portion of my time on our Home Office/Home Library/School Room, it was in a bad way!! Here are some before and after shots, for those of you that get a kick out of looking at others people's mess LOL!!

Before - Computer Desk Area

After - Computer Desk Area

Before - 2nd Desk at other end of room

After - 2nd Desk at other end of room 
(Cupboards and shelves above still need organising)

Before - Current Curriculum/Unity Study Supplies

After - Current Curriculum/Unity Study Supplies

In the decluttering our life, I prepared the Morning Routine Chart , spent a great deal more time simply playing and being with the kids and assessed each week before making too many committments.

In the planning department I am all sorted for the year with our learning plans. I'm pretty flexible with those and don't feel any strong need or desire at having to complete and stick to the plans though, much less stress that way (especially with a toddler in the house).

Our Homeschooling Support Network (Logan Home Education Network) Committee planned our entire term. This was a huge feat, for awhile there we weren't going to go ahead with the term at all. We really out did ourselves to put it altogether so quickly. This term we are offering a six week block of Drama, Art, Spanish, Japanese, Physikids, Swimming, Tennis and Golf. This will provide extra curricular activities to somewhere around 60/70 homeschooled children in the area.

In the preparing deapartment I have printed, cut out and laminated all of the fabulous resources for Valentines Day over at Musings of Me.

What about you? What did you Prepare, Plan or Declutter this past month?


Michelle said...

Meant to tell you, thanks again for the morning chart! My 3 yr old loves to run back and forth from her room to the chart on the fridge in the mornings and tell me all the things she did.

I really need to do more decluttering. We tackled books recently, and boxed a bunch up that we'll probably get rid of this summer. I find the girls are more willing to let go if they know things are in storage for a while in case they change their minds. My closet is next, and I'll hit the school stuff again this summer. I'm going to use you for inspiration!!!

Ticia said...

That reminded me I wanted to use her stuff too.

I'm going to be working on that as well, but I'm nowhere near as far along as you are.

The Adventurer said...

I love before and after pictures:) Great job getting your school room in order. I love all those cupboards as it looks like you have tons of storage.

Christy Killoran said...

Hooray! I have done a little decluttering lately, but not much. I'm looking forward to doing a lot when the nesting instinct kicks in a few months down the road!!!

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