Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bargain Book Buys

My number one favourite place to buy books is currently 'open for business'. The Lifeline Bookfest, after being postponed twice, due to major flooding is happening this week. This is a fabulous opportunity to purchase preloved books often at ridiculously low prices.

I have been attending the bookfest twice a year for a few years now and I admit in the beginning it can be quite an overwhelming experience. I doubt one would ever see so many books all in place at the one time. Where to start looking when you first walk through the door is often a baffling decision to make.

I have had various pieces of advice thrown my way, make lists, look in certain areas, take only a certain amount of cash, the advice goes on, when really it seems to me that it is one of those experiences that you simply must do on your own, after all we all are very different, will be looking for different things and my advice just simply may not suit you.

Over the years I have changed my tactics somewhat and generally come out of the place spending less than I did during the previous year. As my shelves at home fill up I need to be more discerning. As my children grow and we move through our homeschooling years, I am more aware of the things we will utilise and the things we won't.

Goodness I still make impulse buys and definitely come away with things that have rarely been used but overall I am always very happy with my time spent at the Lifeline Bookfests.

I've heard alot about Hooked On Phonics, but wasn't prepared to fork out the dollars on it so when I saw this Klevel for next nothing I grabbed it.

This entire Maths Matters collection is in near perfect condition and will be a wonderful addition to our shelves. It will certainly help with us trying to get away from the boring old math worksheet that's for sure. In essence it is pretty much a complete primary math program, with ideas for activities and games, very happy to have found this set.

These types of books are the reasons I head to the bookfest and spend hours searching through piles of books. This is our ultimate way to learn, through great picture books. We hope to get to Ancient China this year in our learning adventure.

Eragon and Narnia were both on my list also, veryhappy to find them in great condition.

I can never leave without bringing home at least a few picture books and this time around I grabbed some with Cd's and DVD's, definite plus.

Our poor old fairy tale book has seen better days and the one I picked up is as good as new.

The game and puzzle area of the bookfest is a must stop table. It is very much luck of the draw and the one reason I would recommned to arrive very early. The games, especially go ever so quickly. I am so chuffed with my fnds here, the Sudoko board will be a fabulous addition and I know B will love it, both to use indpendently and with the family. Kaleidoscope is a near new game with a RRP of $60, so grab it for $9 was fabulous. Although the box from the Crazy Connections game is a little torn the pices are all in good condition, a great thinking skills game and indpendent activity.

Now I only have to resist returning to the bookfest on the last day, where everything is heavily reduced and you can fill a bag for just a few dollars!!


Jenny said...

I'm so excited for you! I found some awesome stuff! I just love book fairs/sales.

Kimberly said...

Great finds! The books will be well loved and used in your home. I haven't been to a book sale in years, sounds like fun!

Faith said...

Tough Boris is one of my all time favorite books ever!

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