Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Fun - Shrinky Dinks

This is the first time B and K have experienced the wonder of watching those little pieces of plastic, shrivel, curl up and shrink in the oven.

Only to flatten back out again, with colours that are so superbly intense and shiny.

These were a kit and a simple colouring and cutting activity, but the joy of seeing them in the oven was worth it. We hole punched them all before they went into the oven and would look great on a mini tree or with some beads on a christmas bracelet. I don't think either of them have decided what they will do with them yet.

What Christmas Fun have you been getting up to lately? Don't forget to link up each week between now and Christmas and share all of your fun Christmas ideas. Crafts, Recipes, Handmade Gifts, Traditions and anything else you enjoy this time of year.
This weeks Christmas Fun Link Up can be found here.


Jenny said...

I remember Shrinky Dinks! They were so fun.

Andrea said...

oooh thanks for posting this. You just reminded me I have a package of this stuff in the closet. I totally agree that they would make great ornaments:)

Ticia said...

So cute! I need to do that with my kids soon ice got the stuff.....

asliceofsmithlife said...

We love Shrinky Dinks, but we haven't done them in awhile :( Yours turned out great!

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