Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Fun - Ornaments Show and Tell

Jolanthe is hosting an Ornaments Show and Tell and it got me thinking about our tree and in all honesty our ornaments (bar a few) have no real special meaning, except that they adorn the tree and look all pretty with the lights shining on them.(sad but true)

This is one tradition that I personally haven't really encountered or heard people talk of until I started blogging and saw it mentioned last year. Is that an Aussie thing or not? I have no idea!

I've been reading the posts over at the Ornament Show and Tell and some of them brought a tear to my eye with the stories they hold. They really are special treasures and hold real meaning to their families.

So whilst our tree looks all pretty and could nearly pass as a department store tree (I did say nearly the decoarting skills certainly aren't that good ;-) ) it doesn't have that sentimental factor. Until now, that is!

I remembered that on our honeymoon (10 years ago) I saw these adorable little hand made, fabric ornaments in a store in Malayasia. In fact I can still picture seeing them in the window now. At the time I knew that we had a small hand me down tree but no ornaments back home, and it was only a few short weeks until Christmas. These were light enough to carry home with us and filled our little tree just nicely.

Over recent years they have remiained in their box, especially since we purchased our large tree with those 'department store' decorations. Our honeymoon ones just didn't look as grand anymore. mmmmm Christmas Tree snob or what!?!

Not this year. This year they are on our tree and looking at them brings back all of those wonderful memories so thank you all of you blogging mamma's for sharing this one tradition with our family. It will be one that we will continue to grow and build on in our home now too.

Christmas Ornament Show & Tell

What Christmas Fun have you been getting up to lately? Don't forget to link up each week between now and Christmas and share all of your fun Christmas ideas. Crafts, Recipes, Handmade Gifts, Traditions and anything else you enjoy this time of year.
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Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Great post! This is the first year when we decided to digress from our traditional "silver and red" tree and put up our sentimental ornaments in. I hope we will accumulate more of them as years go by.

Anonymous said...

oo yay so glad you added your honeymoon ornaments to your tree!

The Adventurer said...

Great post. When I married my husband 13 years ago it was so hard to combine decorations as mine had sentimental value for me where as my husband just had blue ornaments on his trees and he like them and wanted them up. I think we alternated tree decorations for a few years but now only sentimental ornaments go up, the ones my children have made or I have made. No more blue balls:). He agrees that the tree looks nicer now.:) Finally!!

Jolanthe said...

Yay!! So glad you added them to your tree!! :) We have one that we made on our honeymoon and I've nearly broken it the last three years ~ but it's one we made and I love it!!

Thanks for joining in with us!!

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