Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's Learn Letters: Free Printables for Review Sounds F - B - M - K - T - R

It's been Sound Review Week around here. We've been doing loads of different things to ensure we have the first six sounds covered, down pat.

I put together this Sound Matching Activity which reviews all of the sounds in the first ETC Primer. The images used are the same images I have used in the other printable materials, playdough mats, sound chants and sound rhymes.

I knew that it could be frustrating with lots of little cards moving around everywhere and not staying where they were supposed to so I thought a file folder would be perfect for this activity. I've simply used velcro dots to hold everything in place, after laminating all of the pieces.

I printed and laminated the appropriate Word Wheels from Alphabet Avenue.  This site suggests placing a sticker on the back for each correct picture so that the child can self check. However I chose to write the letters on pegs for each Word Wheel.

Firstly K needed to sort all of her pegs, she then could easily see how many pegs were to be used on each wheel.

Overall she did very well at this. Kayak tripped her up nearly everytime, a couple of the images aren't as obvious to all children as they probably are to us.

I wanted a quick simple way to assess where she was at with the letters, whilst still keeping the activity fun. This is a simple Letter Recognition sheet that we used with Dot Markers. I asked her to place an orange dot on a little k for example. I simply had to make sure I could see what she was doing and kept a mental note if she happened to go wrong anywhere.

This one was for beginning sounds. Once again I used the familiar images for this to aid in recognition. I simply printed in black and white though as the bingo markers  were the star attraction here. This time she had complete freedom with colours, I simply asked her to dot something that started with 'f' for instance.

We practiced our sound chants over and over and over again. Sorry that photo is really bad I know and I am too lazy to take another one and upload it.

We also looked over our growing Alphabet Folder, full of all of those sensory letters (I downloaded the letters from here) we've been working on and the Alphabet Rhyme pages we have done.

We also made a start on a Letter Tree. I have seen a myriad of these around the blogosphere but I got the idea to use handprints from this blog

Granted it looks a little odd at the moment but we will continue to add to it over the coming weeks. K painted and cut out the trunk. We traced her hands together and she painted the letters on to each hand.

All in all I am very happy with how she is progressing. Considering that even earlier this year she wanted nothing to do with 'doing school'. She is improving, responding and working independently (where appropriate) and overall succeeding.

We are away for most of next week so there will be a week or so break before any more Lets Learn Letters Activities are posted.

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Mozer said...

Great ideas and printables! Thanks for sharing :)

michelle said...

Kylie, these are great! I love that they correlate with the ETC primer. We won't start it again for awhile, but I will book mark this for sure! My dd will especially like the dot marker review. :-) Thank you!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

This will be so useful to many people who are early on the reading road. Thanks for sharing your printables.

MaryAnne said...

Hi Kylie,

I had to come check out your blog because I really liked your comments on the We Teach discussions that are going on right now. And I'm so glad I did, because you have some fantastic ideas that I think my kids will really enjoy! I think we'll try your file folder game, and that beginning sounds wheel too! Thank you!

izzy said...

Thanks for the ideas! I especially love the pegging the letter pegs to the picture wheel! Very interesting! Thanks again!

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