Wednesday, June 9, 2010

L.E.A.F - Logan Eco Action Festival

We went along to L.E.A.F over the weekend. I'm pretty sure this was the first ever Festival of it's kind for Logan and that being so, I was very impressed with what they had on offer.

Lots and lots to see, from Eco Aware Stalls, Vendors, Conservation Stall Holders, Organic Food, Wildlife, Roving Entertainment, Activities for the kids and more....all free (except for food purchases)

B potted up a tomato plant. The presenter took the time with each child to explain the root system and how the plant takes up water and nutrients. Of course B already knew all of that from our Mini Plant Study we did earlier this year. I was, however, so proud of him, he listened to every word she said, smiled, nodded his head and said thank you at the end, never once mentioning that he already knew this stuff!!

One group had an Animal Sorting Activity ~ Munchers Sort ~ set up. They had painted large sheets of card, into 4 different areas, one area for the Sun, one for Animal Munchers, one for Plant Munchers and one for Sun can see how the sun travels and affects all 3 of the areas on the board.

The children were given piles and piles of plants, mini animals and other creatures, loads of variety, some of them were fabulous. Everyone then had to go through their creatures and decide what type of ~ Muncher ~ it was and place the animal/plant/creature onto the appropriate area of the board.

Next stop, face painting. B wanted a lizard and K a butterfly and C wouldn't have anything to with it at all.

There were several roving characters around the place. K has never liked these things and C was absolutely terrified so B got all of the fun. Especially with this big Kanga man, he actually hopped and bounced in that suit it was pretty incredible. B gave him an awful fright when he turned around and saw his big green lizard face.

The frog (I missed his species) was endangered and wasn't bothered by B's green looks at all...wonder if thought he was family!

C was very intrigued with all of the reptiles on show and if you enlarge this pic you will see some of a gigantic snake that was just out laying on the lawn aaarrrghhh! All I will say is that he is sure used to getting grabbed by lots of little hands, there were kids everywhere.

We spent a good couple of hours wandering hour browsing, listening to some of the entertainment. In fact one band was so good we came home with 2 of their CD's (they were recently on Australia's Got Talent). Our morning finished with some yummy organic ice blocks.


Caz said...

Awesome! Lizards & other reptiles are huge hits in this house :) and yeah.. Merry wouldn't have had a bar of that face painting business either lol

Kez said...

Looks like a great day - and for a great price :)

Billy has had his face painted once in his life - last year he got it done on holidays, got me to take a photo and then wanted to wash it all off :)

Kylie said...

Well I know I would not like having that all over my face, the cold wet feeling when it first goes on and then the hardening and tightening as it dries eeewww!!!

Sparkling Adventures said...

I saw you there, Kylie! (We were waiting in the face-painting line behind you.) Here are my photos from the event:

Lyndall said...

Hey there,
I came across your blog and really enjoyed reading your comments and feedback on LEAF.

FYI - LEAF is on again this year! Here is the web site
Sunday 5th June 2011
Griffith Uni, Logan Campus
10am to 4pm

We are also on Facebook!/LEAFevent

I was hoping you could help us promote it!

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