Monday, June 28, 2010

Time For Me, Mum, Mother, Mom, My Time

I have read so many fabulous responses to this Home School Hop. I love that the participants are so varied, everyone has their own ideas and views on what is and isn't important to them.

Having not homeschooled from the beginning I did struggle somewhat with the initial settling in period and had some days where I wondered if I would ever get to be on my own again.

However I have come to value the quiet moments at home, even though the children are still here in the house.

I am a firm believer in allowing children the freedom to play without the hovering eye of a parent and my lot will often spend hours in the backyard playing all sorts of made up games. I only need to glance out of any rear window and I can either see or hear them and our backyard is fully fenced.

Drives in the car too and from activities can actually become quite the sanctuary, some nice music, children quiet in the back. It is just me and the car and the music. I think it is all about finding those times or places where you can have some solitude.

In saying that however I do need some time away from the home, which is where my fabulous (I say that alot don't I) homeschooling friends come into play. Not only have our chidlren become great friends but we as adults also have and what a blessing that is to all of our lives. We have regular (but not too often) mums lunches and a night time thing here and there.

The beauty about homeschooling is (if you don't isolate your family) that you will have a wide network of friends or accquaintances so whenver you are out attending activities or classes for the children you will always have some one that you know fairly well to chat to.

I love a good book, but with so little free time part of me feels guilty for reading just for pleasure when I have a list a mile long of parenting, homeschooling and other books that I want to read. Ridiculous I know but we all have our little idiosyncrasies don't we!

I enjoy getting lost in a good movie, no matter how trashy, as you can just let your mind go, however with a toddler in the house the opportunities for this are somewhat limited for now.

As you can tell I enjoy blogging, it gives me an outlet and also serves as a record and journal for our homeschool days. Even if I can be a sparodic blogger at times. ;-)

My early morning cuppa is definitely one thing that I savour. I try to always rise before the children to have some time to just sit, sip and ponder.



Debbie said...

A great post! It is great that you are able to find solitude and time for yourself in these ways. Yes, it is such a gift when we can find that group of other like minded friends to share our experiences with.

Ticia said...

your kids are quiet in the car? I'm jealous

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

It's always interesting for me to read how other moms find time to unwind and decompress. It's great that you are so well connected to other moms in homeschooling community.

Kylie said...

LOL Ticia, there are definitely times that that comment would be one big fat lie!!!! That's when I turn the music ip louder so I can't hear them ROFL!!! But alot of the time they are pretty good,but remember only one of them is quite young and the others entertain him.

Home-Mom said...

i still feel I'm in the settling phase. So many thing kept coming up inhibiting our process but now there is just a discipline that needs to be put in place. I can't wait to learn more from you veterans and newbies like me ;)

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