Tuesday, March 2, 2010

THe Home School Hop #4

So sorry Home School Hoppers, my internet connection went down and I've just gotten back online.

Theme: No Theme - spend your time hopping!

Instead of writing up a post this week, why not spend a few extra minutes hopping around and meeting new home school blogs.

This is the perfect to join up if you haven't done so before as all you need to do is get the McLinky code added to your post, no need for a theme related post.

Please note: You must create a post that inlcudes the current McLInky Blog Hope Code (below) and have it pasted into your post. ALL links added that do not adhere to this will be removed from the list.

Happy Hopping!

PS Whilst I have quite a list of possible themes for upcoming weeks, I am more than open for you to send me some ideas. Is there something you want to know from other home schoolers? Something you would like to see? Feel free to either email me or leave your theme idea in the comments. :)

MckLinky Blog Hop


Trudie said...

I missed last week, but I am catching up! :) Thanks for hosting this great blog hop!

I just joined another fun bloghop, you might like it as well - details on my blog!

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

Thank you for an easy hop this week, you must have been reading my mind :). I would love to 1)see other homeschool classrooms and 2)find out when others do their planning. I'm afraid that MY post for those questions wont be all that helpful, but I could really use some help in those areas. Thanks for hosting this great hop!

Mama to 5 said...

Hi, I'm here this week - sorry I missed last week! Thank you for hosting this blog hop - what an awesome idea! :)

Unknown said...

Stopping by to say hey from Homeschool hop!

Ticia said...

A few ideas of future posts: curriculum, what you use and why. what's your teaching style or philosophy?

Wendy said...

Hi Kylie!
I am joining in the Homeschool Hop this week for the first time! I loved your post on "Why" you Homeschool! Fantastic. A little about me: I Homeschooled my son and daugher, Dane and Kelsey, from the beginning and now they are 24 and 20. I will always consider myself a Homeschooler, I guess. My blog, Faith's Firm Foundation, is partly my attempt to be there for younger moms who are raising their children and especially, Homeschoolers, but also much more. I really love getting to know all the wonderful people I have met through blogging. So glad to be a part of your hop. Come visit!
Faith's Firm Foundation

Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

What a wonderful idea for a blog hop! I'm always on the lookout for more homeschool related blogs. Joining you for the first time! Blessings.:)

crazy4boys said...

I've joined the Blog Hop this week. I'm excited to find more great ideas.


Sadie said...

I just added your button to my blog. I LOVE homeschooling blogs. Unfortunately, I had to send my oldest to public school this year. But my younger two (5, 3) are enjoying pre-k and preschool printouts. I love your blog. :) It will grow fast.


Gabriele said...

Ack! I missed out on getting my link in there...that's what I get for going out of town, LOL!! My post is up though, and I look forward to adding to my already huge list of blogs to read :D

Kylie said...

Ahh sorry Gabriele. :)

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