Wednesday, March 3, 2010

St Patrick's Day: Sensory Tub

This was the absolute hit of the day!

Our new St Patrick's Day inspired Sensory Tub.

I put this together over the weekend and gave it to little C yesterday. Let me just say that it held his interest the entire school morning, can you believe that! I was the one packing it away, not him.

Mind you we did have to do several clean ups during the morning as nearly the entire tub was on the floor on at least more than one occasion. I'm not sure I enjoyed that part all that much. I had it on a towel but I think I need a sheet, a very very large sheet. hehehe

The tub has several bags of split peas (need ideas for these once we are finished with the tub please), gold plastic coins and glittery gold pom poms. As I knew would be the case once the bigs (the older 2 kids) saw this they would want to be digging in as well. Every time I turned my back or walked out of the room I came back to find at least one of them in there digging for gold and hoarding all of the treasure mind you!

Might have to make a few learning games out of this tub, got any ideas?

Have you put together a themed sensory tub for this month? Be sure to add it to the Sensory Tubs Idea List.


Caz said...

LOL that's awesome! I think you should make yourself a drawstring sheet to lay down under those types of things.. so you can just pull the cord and it's all gathered up to be poured back where it belongs ;)

Split peas... you can donate some to the Hobbit family ratties if you don't come up with any other uses lol. (the furbabies love legumes :P)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh I just LOVE those activities that keep little ones entertained for so long! How great! Matthew just hasn't been that interested in sensory tubs unless there's a sort of game to go along with it. Sometimes I hide small items and give him a photocopy of them. He finds them and places them on the copy page. I recently buried several of his dinosaurs in one. I picked only ones that matched, and as he found them he placed them in pairs. Still need to blog about that... :)

I love all the printables you've been coming up with! You've been a very busy lady, wow! They are just great, thank you so much for sharing them!

Kylie said...

LOL Cari, you mean to eat them?!? I don't think you would want to , or do you mean your pets hehehe

Great idea Nicole, for when C is a bit bigger. Yeah I thought a little ST Patrick's Study might add in some fun. We having a quieter Easter (activities wise) as we did quite a bit last year, so it's St Patricks Day this year. :)

Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

This is perfect for a toddler. My son is going to love it! Letting you know I've linked up:

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