Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spreading Some Bloggy Love, But You Gotta Pay It Forward

Quite some time ago I was very blessed to be one of the recipients in some Bloggy Pay It Forward Fun that Mary Lea from Pink and Green Mamma had decided to participate in.

Mary Lea made her Pay It Forward recipients a super cool repurposed tie dye tshirt bag.  You can see some a photo or two here if you like.

The rules of participation at the time were simply that you were required to pay the love forward to three other bloggers.

Well at the time (even though I did what was expected) I think I only had around 10 - 20 followers of my blog and hence no one responded boo hoo boo :-( .

That little stream of the Pay It Forward project died pretty quickly with me.

However I have not forgotten about it and have always kept the thought in the back of mind to bring back some Bloggy Pay It Forward Letterbox Love.

So that is exactly what I am doing. Right here, right now!

I have 3 distinctly Australian Gifts sitting here waiting for me to send on to one of you. Whilst I am not sharing a sneek peek image, they are very Australian in nature and that's all I'm giving away.

Participation Rules are as follows:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post stating that you would like to play along (You must be prepared to follow up on your blog with your own Pay It Forward fun.)
  • Comments will remain open until Monday evening (downunder time hehehe)
  • I will choose three (3) random commenters using Random org for my Pay It Forward Recipients.
  • A post announcing those recipients will be published shortly after, whereby you will need to contact me to claim your Pay It Forward spot.
  • Once I receive the address details I will post off the gifts. At which time I hand over to you to continue the Pay It Forward Letter Box Love
Are you joining in the fun?!


    Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

    I am in! We are just now learning about Australia, and it would be awesome to be a lucky chosen one!

    Kara said...

    Hi! I found you through picket fences and I'm now a follower. What a great blog you have! I would love to be a part of the Pay it Forward fun!

    Anonymous said...

    Der Kylie,

    We obviously don't need anything from Australia since we just moved from there, but I just wanted to tell you how lovely it is that you're doing this! What a beautiful heart you have!

    Kind regards,

    Ms Eva said...

    Oh! We so want to play along! What a fun idea!

    Debbie said...

    I would love to do this, especially since I'm desperate for Australian stuff for our continent boxes...I'm just worried that no one will respond on mine either...but here's hoping!

    Owl Things First said...

    I'm stopping by to say I just got a package and now get to pay it forward! I'm so excited to keep it going.
    Owl Things First!

    Owl Things First said...

    I'm stopping by to say hello and to let you know that your paying forward made it to Muskegon, Michigan! Stop by and follow the thread!
    Owl Things First!

    Kylie said...

    Thanks so much Jennifer. Wonderful see where the Pay It Forward has gone, thanks for sharing those details -

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