Friday, September 24, 2010

Lets Learn Letters: Letter M

Try Some Silly Letter M Sound Chants.

As we cover a letter we stick this laminated sound chant cards to K's desk as a reminder for the letters. We go over each sound chant daily. She loves doing these completely on her own and is the first thing we have ever tried like this that she does, enjoys and WANTS to do on her own!!!

Download for this is coming soon, I promise.

Write letter M's in a salt tray. Try sand, rice or whatever you have on hand.

We love the salt tray, it is perfect for practising and any mistakes are quickly erased.

Roll some play dough letter M's on this printable playdough mat.

Download available for the Playdough Mat.

Decorate M's With Macaroni and Money.

Both of these were a little tricky to stay glued on. Macorni keeps falling off and we had to use sticky tape for the money. They both look really great though.

Have fun with funny Letter M Rhymes.

K painted her background night sky and the moon, mixed shades of grey. (I squirted out some black and white and only just mixed them to give that dappled look. More black for the sky and more white for the moon). K glued on the monkeys, the rhyme and the star stickers.
Her rhyme alphabet book is coming together nicely with these additions.

Download for the Merry Monkeys on the Moon available.

Please note I am no longer uploading files to Scribd as they are trying to charge people for their archives currently and I dislike 4Shared, so until I can find an alternative, if you would like a file, please just email me. There's a link in my sidebar. Just give me a few days to respond. Thanks for your understanding. :-)

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Debbie said...

For file sharing I highly recommend

Mozer said...

I second That's where I host my files. Love all the M activities!

the little list said...

I've been wanting to try a salt tray for letter writing. Thanks for the reminder. It's so nice to meet you!

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