Friday, September 17, 2010

Lets Learn Letters: Letter B

Try some silly letter B sound chants.

I do plan on making these for each letter, they're fun and simple to say. I'm unable to share them yet though as they are all nowhere near finished.

Write letter B's in a salt tray. Try sand, rice or whatever else you have on hand.

Have fun with funny Letter B rhymes.

I printed the funny rhyme and the large banana's clip art and K used our tie dyed paper towel to make little balancing butterflies.

Roll some playdough letter B's on this printable playdough mat.

Decorate some B's with buttons and bows.

Most of all have fun with the Letter B.

Please let me know if you use and show any of these activities on your blog. 

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Anonymous said...

Great set of letter B activities :-)

Kristin Renee' Wynegar said...

I'm a senior at my local college... so I'll be starting my teaching career soon. You site is a wonderful inspiration!!! I am your newest follower. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, fun! My boys are a bit past that now, but I'm loving the salt-tray idea. We may use that for spelling. Thanks for sharing!

I sent you a blog award. I'm not sure if you 'do' that, but one was sent to me and I wanted to share it with you since you're one of the blogs that I read regularly and enjoy very much! Thanks for being awesome :)
Here's the post:

The Attached Mama said...

Fantastic ideas!! Thanks for linking up to the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection! I think others will gain so much from your creativity.

Your fan,
Cathy aka The Attached Mama

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