Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beachmere Park & Playground Area

On this particular day of our holiday we took a drive, back over the main bridge and headed down to Beachmere, just to check it out a little.

Beachmere is most definitely a 'sleepy, beachside village'. Given that it was a public holiday there was barely a sole to be seen.

We did however stumble onto what appeared to be the main park/playground area of this little town and we were very pleasantly surprised.

Either it is a very new facility or it has been recently refurbished. Whilst the overall area wasn't large, it has been well planned to suit families visiting the park.

The playground itself is completely encased by fencing, a large portion of it is covered with shade sails and the entire base is sand.

Around the perimeter of the playground area are several large shady trees, BBQ facilities, covered picnic tables and a toilet block.

The actual playground itself is fairly standard fair but there were a few gems that were new to us. This small slide, climbing area is perfect for toddlers to have some fun on.

The modern version of the old fashioned whirligig. Fairy Princess was first on board, anything that spins, she loves.

The centre of the park houses a large triangular spider web climbing frame.Both kids made it their mission to reach the top in record time.

Watching the kids grow and remembering when a structure such as this would have frightened both of them. Now they tackle it with relative ease.

The modern see saw, although I highly doubt that this is as much fun. It bounces more than 'see saws' up and down. Little Surfer Dude enjoyed it none the less.

This small, inconspicuous piece of equipment sat untouched for awhile. Balancing and turning at the same time....hold on Lego Lover!!!!

Yet another spinning contraption. I wonder if the adult that designed this playground missed out on fast moving fun as a child!

We called this the egg, however really, it is much more like the egg cup holder. Fairy Princess got this going with relative ease and really never wanted to get off.

I love this photo of her, hair blowing with the spinning, grinning with delight.

She did feel a little ill some time later though.

Of course what's a playground without swings.

The playground itself is only a short stroll to the beach area.

The tide was well and truly out during our visit to Beachmere. We were very glad we made the effort to take that small journey.

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