Monday, January 16, 2012

Calling All Aussie Homeschool Bloggers

 Thought I'd post a reminder about the Aussie Homeschool Blogger List.

Are you on it?

 The code for the button has been updated so that if someone clicks on the button on your blog it will take them directly to this list. You may want to update yours if you have one on your blog.

Are you living in Australia?

Do you homeschool?

Do you blog about your homeschool journey?

Would you like to share your blog with others?

Then please spread the word!

Grab the button code below and place it on your blog.

Our Worldwide Classroom

How do I that? Simply copy and past the HTML code that you see to the right of the actual button image. (I am assuming you use blogger here). Go to your blogs dashboard, Choose Design, Choose Add Gadget (generally in the right or left column sidebar area), Choose Add HTML/Javascript, Paste the code into the box that opens up, Choose Save and that's it.

Then simply add your blog details to the list below so other bloggers can find you. Feel free to add a word about your style or your location if you wish, you have 70 characters to play with.


Mum of 4 boys said...

I've added the icon to my blog but can't seem to get the linky tool to work!

Kylie said...

Did you get an error? The linky wasn't downloading properly when I looked before, maybe if you try again? Let me know if you still have problems though and I'll contact them.

Paula @ said...

Hi Kylie, sorry I have added my new blog three times to your list....I swear I refreshed in between to see if it worked...I swear I swear I swear. :) Can you remove?? thanks Paula

Amber said...

I've added the button to my blog and i've just tried to Link up but it doesn't appear to be showing. I've refreshed and still nothing. I will leave it a bit incase it shows up and then try submitting the info again.

Natalie said...

Hiya! I have linked up twice, too. The first time did some *interesting* things along the way!

Please can you delete #32?


Natalie said...

Hi Kylie,

I have re-entered my link (I didn't know how to edit it). Can you please remove the dodgey one? That was very weird!

Thanks! Natalie

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