Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Fun - Hand Decorated Candy Eggs

Mummies turn for a bit of Easter Decorating Fun! Remember when we did the Honeycomb Christmas Trees last year? So we decided that we had to do this regularly. lol! Regularly being twice a year, Christmas and Easter but still it is such a nice way to spend some time with other homeschoolimg mamma's.

Candied Easter Eggs, yum yum, I adore these. I think because of childhood memories more than anything else because let's face it, nothing today tastes as it once did. Due to the nature of these we didn't make the entire egg, but did do all of the joining and decorating.

We were shown how to make the egg, however they need 3 days drying time for them to harden enough to join and decorate.

It certainly looked like a very scary project to tackle, but it wasn't that difficult and it was really very fun. You just need to be be super carfeul not to touch your newly piped and joined edges otherwise you'll squish them, like I did in my yellow flowery egg up there.

Here are all the works of art waiting to be given to someone beautiful on Easter morning, if they can last that long.


Debbie Phillips said...

Beautiful. Almost a shame to eat them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow...I love candy eggs! They look delicious :)

The Adventurer said...

These look like fun to make. My kids would love it:)

Anonymous said...

these are great!! beautiful work!! can c where kids get there artisitc streak from!!

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