Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Arty Crafty Party

Lately I have found myself spending a great deal of time searching through various linky lists looking for specific hands on and art and craft activites related to our themes.

There are some wonderful link lists out there, with a myriad of ideas. For someone with very little time the sharing that takes place in the online homeschool community is nothing short of amazing.

However I want all of the ideas on one topic/theme all together in one easy to find place. You do too right? I mean I'm not asking too much, am I? That way there would be no need for me to spend a couple of hours look backing through the archives of the various linky's/meme's that I frequent.

I could just add everything over to my tagfoot page, but you know that takes time, quite a bit of time, and whilst I use it alot and really like my tagfoot page with its' easy to find categories, I love the thumbnail images that a linky list provides, all conveniently together.

So An Arty Crafty Party is born!

These will be weekly link ups on a chosen theme/topic, although I will probably leave the link list open so you can come back and add to that particular theme at anytime in the future. Old  and new links alike are all welcome. Links for the younger ages right through to us mature folk are encouraged too.

Art and Craft is a very open ended topic, any links that are hands on and creative in some way and that relate to the theme are welcome.

To join in the fun you simply need to place our button somewhere on your blog or in the blog post you are adding to the link list and then go ahead and add your links.

Grab the code below to add to your blog for the Arty Crafty Party link up.

Our Worldwide Classroom

Following are some of the upcoming themes.Links have been added to existing themes.

St Patricks Day

When adding your link be sure to include appropriate details in your link description. For example, you've created Paddy's Day Rainbows with your toddler and tissue paper. The link description could read - "Toddler Tissue Paper Rainbows"  detailed descriptions along with a thumbnail image make it super easy for visitors to find exactly what it is they are looking for and in turn your blog.

I sure hope you'll join in the fun.


Melissa said...

My kind of party! I'll have to have a bit of a look through and see what I've got. Or I could do something new with my boy! see, you've inspired me :)

asliceofsmithlife said...

This looks like a great idea Kylie! Maybe I'll do something to link up with??? We'll see :)
Thanks for stopping by my Roman mosaic post and commenting! Have a great weekend!

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