Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review: Time 4 Learning - Level K - Part One

You might remember that we had received One Month's Free Trial to Time 4 Learning in return for our honest feedback on the curriculum. Well we have had access for one week now and I thought I'd update you on the progress.

I think I'll start by showing a little of what K covered this week. Bear in mind that all of the Time 4 Learning work is in addition to our regular work. Although I believe that T4L is a stand alone curriculum.

This week K spent time going over the basics of the alphabet.

She did a brief beginning sounds introduction.

Quite a bit of rhyming work, matching rhyming pictures. She enjoyed this part, it was simple and effective. She does already enjoy rhyming work anyway.

Seeing differences. In this activity she had to build a fish that was different to the one already created. This got progressively more difficult with the last stage requiring her to build 5 different fish. She did tire of this at the end but says now that it was her favourite part.

They also introduced patterns and rhymes in words.

The majority of this week's work was quite easy for K but she is coming to the end of her Prep/Kindergarten Year so that is too be expected.

My initial thoughts -

Negatives -  Too much clicking for us. You seem to be forever opening windows. I think the site navigation could do with some improvement. I also feel for young children that the 'time to move on' or 'click the go forward button' could be improved somewhat.

We are big Starfall users and I don't think I have ever had to show K where to click to move forward with Starfall, that is a huge plus in my opinion.

A couple of the voice overs K has had difficulty in understanding also.

I also need to bear in mind that we are not using T4L to its full potential, only as a supplement.

Positives - The program so far seems engaging, colourful, interactive and thorough.

K's verdict - I have liked it. It's ok. I liked making the different fish.

Check out Time 4 Learning for yourself.

Vote for us. One click is all you need!


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