Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bambino Academy: Busy Toddlers During School Time Part 2

Keeping toddlers busy during school time can be challenging.

This is a continuation from my post a couple of weeks.

Today I am sharing a few more ways I keep C entertained and challenged at the same time (if he isn't challenged at just the right level boredom quickly sets in) so I am basically free to spend time with the others when they need me.

A sheet of stickers is always great value (at least for the toddler, not for the purse when they go through them at the rate of a sheet every 5 or so minutes). For a bit of interest choose stickers with a variety of textures, these are the puffy, pop out ones.

For toddlers that still find stickers fiddly, peel off the entire backing sheet, leaving just the stickers behind. This will allow them to remove the stickers much easier. Have a container of coloured pencils nearby so they can continue to decorate their creation.

Shape sorters are generally a good indpendent activity, this one is just above C at the moment and he did tire of it, telling me, "Too hard mummy, too hard!" He did sit at this activity for quite a while though.

Playdough is always a sure fire way to keep little hands busy. Every now and then I roll a tray of snakes and give him a butter knife and let him cut away. This is great practice and will lead him nicely to more advanced practical life knife skills.

I find that as long as I rotate my activities and he gets to do some kind of cutting, gluing or playdough type work everyday he is generally happy to run off to the play room and play quietly with his cars after finishing 3 or 4 activities I have prepared for him.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that rotation and just the right level of difficulty is perfect! I need to get the butter knife out when we do playdough again :-)

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