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The Home School Hop #2

This weeks theme is - Your Family

Last week we had the opportunity to get to know you better, this week it is your family. Granted many of us read about your children all of the time so we may just have to try and come up with some thing that we don't always share about them. Don't forget to include the love of your life in this as well.

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This is the most recent shot I have of my all my lovelies together. It was taken on my DH 37th Birthday which also happens to be Australia Day.

All of this is possible because of him, because of his hard work I have the choice to be at home with my children and they with me. We are truly blessed for that and will always be eternally grateful.

My dh is a cabinet maker by trade and throughout his career he grew into more of an estimating project managing type role in the shopfitting industry. Just over 2 years ago he took the plunge and started his own business - VIZION SHOPFITTERS - have a look at some of their work, it really looks great.

In his earlier days (before children) he was quite a sportsman and played hockey regularly. He now enjoys a round of golf a few times a year. Unfortunately having young children, means he has to give up quite a bit of his sport, but he doesn't regret that at all. He would much rather be home with his kids than hanging out somewhere else and I really admire that in him. B8 wants to have some Golf Lessons so it won't be long and they can go off and play a round or two together.

He loves his garden at home though and does spend most of his spare time pottering around with his plants and things.

He is a fabulous dad and has always said that his number one goal is to have a great relationship with all of his children right the way through their younger years and into their adult life. Having that real connection takes work, hard work, especially when you have only a few small hours each week to spend with the kids, but I couldn't ask for more. As a mum you really want to see your kids have that connection with their father as I think alot of children miss out on that.

So I guess all in all we are pretty darn lucky to have him!

B8, well you all know that he is our die hard Lego Lover. It is his passion, he eats, breaths and sleeps lego. He has recently gotten into Star Wars and thoroughly enjoys art. He is keen to learn an instrument so I have started ringing around some music schools in the hope we can set up a small private group with some other friends that also want to learn keyboard.

B8 is my always happy, friendly, caring and full of empathy little boy. He was born like this and still remains so today. He is a blessing and one day will make the best dad in the whole world.

K5, is my fiery gorgeous little girl. She knows wants she wants and she does what she needs to get it. In some ways, not such a bad trait to have. I know that I will never have to worry about her in regards to standing up for herself. She has the most funniest sense of humour and dh and I have spent many a night in fits of laughter with K and some of her remarks and things she does.

She spends her days, singing, dancing and creating with what ever she can get her hands on. She is a very kissy, cuddly little girl and still even at 5 1/2 loves to sit on our laps and just cuddle.

C1, well what I can say, he is my baby, gorgeous, adorable, funny, cute and cheeky all rolled into one. We weren't sure if we wanted another child before we had him, but we kind of just jumped in without thinking too much about it. He was definitely meant to be a part of this family, he has taught us all so much and has brought so much to our home and our family unit.

I am so proud to be able to say that I am still breast feeding, co sleeping and even at times wearing him (although he is a tad heavy). He has given me the opportunity to truly enjoy having a baby in my life and to do the things that I wish I could have done with my other children.

He has assimiliated into the home with utter ease. He really is just one of the kids and does everything they do and more. He has obviously thrown a small spanner in the works when it comes to school time and we have had to turn our whole day upside down to accomodate him, but in another 18 months time we will all be back to how it was before. Except it will never be that way again...if you know what I mean hehehe!!

Well I think I have rambled on enough, time for someone else to have a turn.

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Elise said...

Thanks for sharing this insight into your family. I like learning more about my blogging friends. My hubby also doesn't play as much sport as he used to pre children!

Sounds like you have had a really rough few days with being so ill (I really hope that you are feeling 100% now). I also use our sand and water table as a sensory table and when we are not using the sensory table, I store the contnets in tubs.

I think it is so sweet that little C wants you to draw circles for him now.

Debbie said...

It has been nice getting to know more about your family. You have a beautiful family, but I think you already knew that!

Mama to 5 said...

This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for hosting these! What a nice family you have! It's nice to get to know my fellow homeschool blogging friends! :)

Debbie said...

Your older two are the same ages as mine, and our youngest tots are about a year apart. Fun ages! : )

Kez said...

It was lovely to read more about your family!

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

It's nice to know your family better. Your husband sounds wonderful, and your children are lucky to grow in such a warm and caring house.

Unknown said...

Thank you for having this hop! I am loving getting to know everyone! It was so nice meeting your family!

Supermommy said...

Your family is adroable. I love your little one's curls! I enjoying reading about your family.

Gabriele said...

Thank you for hosting this hop! I love it and I look forward to finding even MORE blogs to follow, LOL!! You sound like such a wonderful family and I love following your blog <3

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