Friday, December 11, 2009

Schools Out

Another school year over. Where does the time go? Are we really finished yet another year of school?

K had her kindy graduation day today. A bittersweet moment for both of us. She struggled greatly with the transition of going to kindy at the beginning of the year and I struggled with that too. Seeing my baby girl terribly upset when I left her every time was not easy to deal with and often wondered why on earth I was doing it. Especially since I knew that she wouldn't be going to school. I struggled alot with sending her to kindy and if I should have really bothered.

She has definitely grown alot this year, although it is very hard to say how much kindy has had to do with that. Obviously there are some deifinite positives to going to kindy, some of which include, interaction with other adults, other children (although that may not always be as desirable as what one thinks!!) being able to make lots of mess, working with/alongside peers and probably a few others that I have forgotten to mention.

However, as homeschoolers, I strongly believe that if you are active within a homeschool group, your kindy aged/preschool child has lots of time to play with friends, lots of unstructured craft time, lots of time singing and reading then kindy really isn't worth it.(in my opinion anyway)

K and I have talked today about kindy and how the year went for her, she is sad to see it end but does remember all too well how hard it was for her to go alone with out mum near by. In 3 years time I'll have struggle with this all over again, when I make the decision if I will send C along to kindy or not?

Today, K and her kindy friends played lots of party games and they had a special visitor stop by for a while. K really isn't so sure of this guy, even though he was handing out lollies she still really didn't want to go near him. Can you blame her?

Each child also had their special moment in the spotlight. Where the teachers read out a little piece about the things the child had accomplished through the year. They were given a portfolio, that had had a tremendous amount of work put into it and a small gift. It was a nice way to end the year.

Our homeschool group had a casual year end gathering a week ago down by the bay, cool breezes, good friends, some party food and fun....what more could you want! I have no photo's as I didn't take any, just enoyed the time that day.

A couple of weeks ago we had our very first family picnic. This was a fabulous day! We are so blessed to be part of such a great bunch of people. We have all become really close friends, this year has definitely been very kind to us in that way. We never would have thought that this time last year we would have had the dear friends that we have today.

Great spot, at the waters edge under a shady tree. It was so nice to have all of the dad's there with us.

Most of the kids (some are off swimming) posing and being silly. I'll be honest and say that my kids having friends was a big a worry for me in regards to homeschooling. We are a social bunch and love our friends and don't believe in keeping to ourselves, our friends are a very important part of our life. So obviously I am ecstatic that my kids have great friends, friends that we want to spend time with outside of group activities and friends that I also want to spend time with YAY! Love you guys heaps :)

So that's it, the end of the 2009 school year. We are officially on summer break (ps for 6 weeks) so whilst my posting about school activities will be little to none over the next few weeks we'll still be very busy, busy learning, busy having fun and busy enjoying life.

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Elise said...

Hi Kylie

It's wonderful that you have met so many like minded people that you have been able to form special friendships with. The day down at the bay looks like so much fun.

Caz said...

Enjoy the break! It really does seem like the year has flown by doesn't it!

Kylie said...

Elise, yes they are a great bunch as you will see when you come along next year :)

Tell me about Cari!

Sig said...

Well said Kylie. I feel so honoured to know and be part of such a beautiful group of like minded people. Our group is a rare find and something we should cherish and treat with tender loving care. I pray that the year ahead is an exciting one as our group grows in more ways than one-hehehe...

Heres to another great year : )

Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

It's an awesome way to celebrate the year end. A bit jealous about your Christmas in the summer at the moment - we have chilly rain outside :)

Kylie said...

Thanks Sig. :)

Oh gosh really it has been so hot I am jealous of a cold, snowy Christmas right now....we are never happy are we hehehe

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