Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Journey Into Montessori: Part 2


I’ve been thinking a lot about how we are going to implement this especially with a toddler in the house. A toddler that loves to get into everything!! First I raised all of the shelves so that he couldn’t reach them but then K5 could barely reach anything and she would have found using them and getting to her work frustrating to say the least. So I’ve moved them back.

For now I have decided to shuffle our day around and spend time in the work room, school room, class room (we don’t really have a firm word for it but the kids seem to call it the school room) in the afternoons whilst Cbub is napping.

At least 2 mornings a week we are out anyway with our home school network and/or extra curricular activities. The mornings we are home we will spend doing more messy type work, read alouds, Tot School any book work I would like the kids to do, Nature Study and I hope to introduce some type of circle time as well. I do have quite a few plans for the mornings but more about those at a later date.

I do also plan on the kids doing a small amount of bookwork for now, at least until I am satisfied that I am covering everything I want to/should be with our work shelves. Over lunch we will have some free play opportunities and then again later in the afternoon.

At this stage Cbub is napping on most days for 3 hours so the perfect timing for a work period (if all goes well). I plan on building up to that though and certainly don’t expect the kids to be in there for the full 3 hours every day. In fact I hope to not clock watch at all and just let the time spent in the room take care of itself. Some days we may only spend an hour and others I am sure we will still be in there when Cbub wakes and that is totally fine by me.

So that’s the initial plan but I am prepared for things to not work out that way. We’ll start with that and see how we go.


Heidi said...

Sounds like a great starting plan!

You are smart not to get locked into the 3 hour work period. We find that somedays more happens very naturally and other days we need to step back. It is certainly different when you are essentially living in your school!

Caz said...

From what I remember about Montessori (have always found it interesting) the 'work' period is typically 3hrs long, so you'll be well & truly covered since there are only the 2 kiddos :) Nobody really has to wait to do things they want to.

*off to go peek at some of those Montesorri blogs to my left now!*

Kylie said...

Have fun Cari :)

Thanks Heidi. Yeah I do think that is one area that being at home isn't so important since as you sid we live in our school!!!

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