Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog Updates and Tidying Up Around Here

Well I guess you've no doubt noticed that I did play around here a little during my blogging break. There's lots that I am not happy with but at least I now have the 3 columns I was looking for!

The downside to that is the header is massive and the background I had is for a 2 column blog. It will have to do for now though I just don't have the time during school terms to play around. We have several weeks off over summer (well at least scaled down considerably) and I'll have much more time to play around with the look on here.

On the upside I now have:

  • A contact me link in the left hand side bar (thanks Jolanthe)
  • An email subscription link for those that prefer to read in a reader - go subscribe now!
  • A search tool
  • I've also done up a button so you can easily grab the code and display my button on your blog (thanks again to Jolanthe) Please let me know if you add it to your blog side bar.
  • Lots of Montessori links - posts will be coming on that shortly but I guess you may have gathered that I am getting in to all things Montessori. You'll be hearing plenty about that soon.
So I guess you could say that's two steps forward ;0)


Wendy Hawksley said...

Snagging your button to put on the "homeschooling" side (left) of my blog! One of these days, I'll come up with a logo and button. LOL

Links are one of my favorite parts of a blog. That and seeing the blogs other people read, as I might find more blogs I want to read.

The makeover is wonderful.

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