Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winter Dam Building and some Mud People

Yes yes it is the middle of winter of here in Oz but why would that stop some very fun water play. To be honest I have absolutely no idea how this one got started. I went out to find K5's warm winter clothes lying on the floor and went outside only to find her in her swimmers.

Ok it is a glorious winter day but certainly not the best time of year to be out and about in your swimmers, at least B7 kept his clothes on hehehe

They had together spent a considerable amount of time making a dam system that was being filled by a very large red slipper slide 'ahem' I mean waterfall and our water tank. They had 2 dams with a causeway and I mustn't forget their little plasticine friends that were there looking on. Which is what I had thought they were doing, creating plasticine creatures. Obviously they finished those and decided to take them outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather ;-)

After I took a few photo's and strolled back inside I did wander how long it would take my little dam builders to realise that they call the season of winter 'cold' for a reason. It was only about 5 minutes when I had two teeth chattering, wet and muddy dam builders knocking on my door looking for a towel and a warm bath, I think they figured it out!

After helping Dad in the garden B & K came across (or maybe they wet it I am not too sure) some 'just wet enough' dirt to make these super cute mud people. They sat on our front porch for a few days welcoming any guests that arrived, until they really dried out and fell off their little ledges and broke into a million pieces, poor little mud people :(


Anonymous said...

Brrr.... you guys make me cold just watching especially you Katelyn in your swimmers..heehee
but it looks like so much fun

Love Nanny xxxx

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