Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tot School # 1

I have been reading Carissa's Tot School posts over at 1+1+1=1 for some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. Along with many of the other mums that have joined her in Tot School.

So now that I officially have a tot, hehehe she says tounge in cheek as he isn't walking and is only just barely 12 months old, but he scrapes in and what the heck you're never too young for a bit of "Tot School".

Now before I hear anyone cringing and commenting on 'schooling' my tot, you can rest assured that this is really just a play on words and is a fun way for me to share some of what C1 gets up to in his week. At this stage none (well next to none anyway) of our Tot School is planned, his Tot School is all 'life school' in general. He is such a busy little beaver and learns so much each and every day.

It is also a great way to see what other tots are getting up to by clicking the link at the end of each of my Tot School posts it will take you over to Carissa's blog, where Tot School is hosted. Here you will find links to blogs aplenty with their very own versions of Tot School.

My Tot School posts will only ever be able to show a small fraction of what C1 achieves in a week. If I photographed everything I'd always be seeing him through my camera lense and not really enjoying being with him and my batteries would always be running flat and I'd be spending every night on this computer just editing the images to share with you all!!! So whilst I try take lots of pictures they will only ever be a snippet of what he has been doing over that past week.

So in saying all of that, here is my very first Tot School post.

Tot School

~ C1 is currently 12 months ~
C1 has recently found that being outside is much more fun than being inside. All the wide open spaces are so appealing and if he crawls really quickly than maybe mum won't be able to catch him. This was a morning at the park, he had a glorious time just investigating.

His current focus is anything that he can put inside another thing so when he found one of sisters play rings and a pencil on the floor he was captivated for well over 15 minutes. I am totally amazed at his attention span. It seems that when he is hard at 'work' nothing can take his attention away.

He turned the pencil every which way to get the ring on the end and was a proud as punch each and every time he achieved what he set out to.

Our home school network had an art gallery workshop and in the workshop room they have an area filled with bean bags. C1 was happy there for nearly an hour, whilst the big kids created. He hid, played, rolled, jumped on and fell off bean bag after bean bag.

He also found that he can actually get inside the drawers in the kitchen this week. No longer is he content with just opening them and pulling everything out, he now sits in them and rummages like he truly is looking for that special cup, plate or whatever it is he's looking for!

He's loved balls from a very young age (as most babies do) but he now is really starting to gain some control. Picking it up, throwing and rolling and inspecting the earth I might where was the Pacific Ocean again mum!!!

And what a great way to celebrate our first Tot School by celebrating his 1st Birthday. We had a big bash this time around, lots of family and friends. Clowns, Ponies and of course the cake and gifts.

So that's our very first Tot School, hope you enjoyed sharing C1's week with him.
Don't forget to have a look at all of the other Tot School posts over at Carissa's blog.


Anonymous said...

What a cute munchkin and ever so clever xxxx



Anonymous said...

Hello! This is my first time to look at your blog.

I have a 9 1/2 month old little girl (our first child) and have just recently been looking at this Tot School stuff off and on.. just wanted to give you a comment to let you know I really appreciate your posting on Tot School! Since your C1 is the closest in age to my girl, your blog was the first one I have checked out!

We're not going to be starting anything "official" yet, but I'm just trying to gather information here and there for when we are ready. (We've known we wanted to homeschool since we were first married... In fact I went to my first home school convention before we had been married one year! :) Anyway, thanks for posting about your Tot School. I'll check back from time to time about what you all are doing!

All the best,
Angela Sweeny
awsweeny at hotmail dot com

Kylie said...

Hi Angela,

Thanks for stopping by. Yes I know I saw that I have the youngest bub!! But that's ok, once he is the perfect age we will be well and truly getting the hang of it by then.

Let me know when you join in so I can stop by and say hi. :)

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