Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting Into Montessori

Well very slowy anyway. I've been doing loads of reading on Montessori lately. Even though I have been aware of Montessori and the philosphies, I haven't looked much further than that. I'd like to implement some of the concepts into our home.

Even the simple ones like Tray Based and Floor Mat Activities to help keep an ordered work/play space. We tried many Easter themed Tray Activities this year and they worked very well.

This morning, I had the kids help me empty our Children's Picture Book Shelf. It is far too small now anyway for all of the books we have, they are always piled high on top of it and on various tables around the house as the shelf has just become to small. (I am waiting for some floor to ceiling book shelves ;-) ) So for now the Picture Books are hiding in various spots we could find available around the house.

I wanted a shelf area for Cbub, now that he is well and truly on the move he can at least choose items from the lowest and possibly the second shelf for himself. Plus it won't be long before he is up and walking and by having this routine in place now he'll be so used to it by then that the shelf will (should) be second nature to him.

These are items taken straight from his toy box, but there is more than enough on their to entertain him for a day or so. I will change the items around every other day depending on if we have spent much time at home or not. (with 2 bigger kids, we are out and about a bit with their activities)

It allows for a quick and easy tidy up as well, each time he goes down for a nap. As opposed to having the majority of a very large toy box tipped and strewn out around the house.

As soon as he woke from his morning nap we showed him the shelf and he is content to go there now when looking for something new to do. He particularly loves the basket of wooden cube blocks, they are very fun to pull out have them crash onto the tiles.

Our favourite book at the moment is Froggy Green and K4 particularly likes it as she can read it to Cbub.

Now the next big one is to set up a similar concept for the big kids in a spare linen cupboard I have here. That one will take me a while, but I will come back and show you when I'm done.


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