Thursday, May 21, 2009

Captain Crabclaw's Crew Lapbook - Part 2

Today we made our own aged treasure maps, firstly by scrunching paper, then coating it with a used teabag, allowing to dry and then finishing off with the map drawing itself. Whilst the maps were drying we looked on the internet at various treasure maps and discussed the symbols used.

We made pencil flags, such a simple little print, colour and stick activity but the kids love their new pirate pencils. We found this activity here. B7 then proceeded to tackle a few mazes, spot the difference, a counting in 5's maze and a joke decoder, which he enjoyed.

B7's finished Treasure Map

K4's finished Treasure Map

We made a start on the Alphabet Treasure Hunt activity that was in the activity booklet the kids received at the book launch. They had to hunt for words/images from the story to go along with each letter of the alphabet. This will no doubt take a couple more read throughs to get it completed. We began with them listening for appropriate beginning sounds and then tried having them say stop whenever they felt like it and telling me the letter sound of what they stopped on. A simple activity for B7 but quite a challenge for K4 so that was somewhere in the middle there.

We also spent some time coming up with their own funny animal crews for their pirate ships. I won't share any more details on that just yet as I plan on building on that activity a little.


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