Friday, February 12, 2016

Learning Spaces - Not Back To School Blog Hop 2016

Here we are with the third installment of this years All Australian Not Back To School Blog Hop. Have you been keeping up with everyone's posts?

In case you missed any you can see week 1 (homeschool resources) here and week 2 (Why I'm grateful for homeschooling)

This week it is time to share our learning spaces. I think it is fair to say that the vast majority of homeschoolers don't use one single classroom space. They utilise everything around them but for the ease of this post I'm sharing our main home office and library room.

If you've followed my blog for any length of time you will have seen most of this before. The room most likely contains more books than it did a year or so ago as our library continues to grow.

We've also added this additional work space. My youngest turns 8 this year and no longer enjoys sitting at a little desk, so we now have a third work space option here in this room.

I love that this centre piece is big enough for all three of the kids to sit around if wanted. Whilst it is still a work in progress the book shelves in this area hold mostly Australian materials.

On the shelves underneath are a few of our hands on manipulatives and resources. The vast majority of these are stored in a cupboard in another room though.

This is the main larger corner bookshelf unit where all of our curriculum books are housed. They are either grouped by subject or theme. It's kind of messy right now and could do with a good clean out but, this is real life and mostly that's what the shelves tend to look like.

One day I will be brave enough to actually do a little video walk through of the shelf unit so you can see more closely what's on there.

This is taken from the other end of the room looking back at the shelves and the third work space. It's a great space and we are very lucky to have this

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Unknown said...

I like how you have an area for Australian stuff. I don't know if you mean Aussie made (so proper spelling, seasons, money etc) or if you mean about Australia, but I think either version is a great idea. A place to learn about Aus, or a place where you can find a maths book with Aus money instead of US money. Yep, both good :-)

Andrea said...

That table is perfect! And I must comment on all that beautiful natural light

Frangipani Bloomfields said...

Thank you for running this blog hop. I only just got in under the wire (putting my post up a couple of hours before the cut off)! I will try to be more organized with the next one!

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