Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Books: Oliver Moon's Christmas Cracker

This cute little book is from Usborne, Oliver Moon is a Junior Wizard and Usborne have several other adventures about him.

"Oliver Moon loves Christmas - sledging with his best friend, Jake and eating loads of yummy minced eyes. But this year his family is going to stay with his horrible cousins at Toadstool Towers and Oliver's not looking forward to it at all. Will a magical Christmas cracker save the day?"

And mean his cousins really were! Setting Oliver up to take the blame for things they had done, but Oliver rose above them in the end and had a wonderful Christmas afterall.

This short 92 page, 6 Chapter book would be perfect as a child's early entry into chapter book reading.

Authored by Sue Mongredien, there at least 6 other stories written about Oliver Moon and his wizard family. We read this is in one quick sitting, not that that's how I had it planned, but no one would let me stop reading ;-)

Whilst I read the kids coloured from pages printed at this site.

Don't forget to visit Christmas Fun, for Crafts, Advent Activities, Traditions, Cooking and more.

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Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

Sounds like a great book. Your kids color very nicely, mine is not at all interested :(

Wonderful Homeschool Adventures Logbook said...

Great timing thanks for this link

Happy Holidays

Anonymous said...

What a cute book! We don't usually think of wizards with Christmas, so it sounds like a really unique idea. Bet my son would like it... Hopefully Usborne can get it here fast. ;)

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