Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Shout Out: Little Folk Friendly

Recently my mum took Surfer Dude to a Playgroup gathering in a park nearby us.

This was a gathering of local playgroups in the area.

Whilst it's been a awhile since I have been involved with a regular playgroup if my memory serves me correctly they are a showcase of sorts. Each individual playgroup puts together some type of activity and the children wander (or possibly run around silly) around participating in the activities that take their fancy.

Mum was given a small goody bag that contained a handful of bits and pieces and one little treasure.

The Little Folk Friendly Book. Whilst the logo states that it is a book of fun for Little Folk, it is really a book for big people to aid them in having fun with their Little Folk and saving money along the way.

This is the frst edition of it's kind and Brisbane was the first city to have the book. Editions are planned for other major cities around Australia.

Little Folk Friendly is an activity book and contains a massive amount of discount vouchers for various outlets, stores and products in and around the Brisbane area. When I say massive, I mean massive. Well over three quarters of the book is discount vouchers.

The first part of the book contains activity ideas for you to do with your Little Folk, things like games to play with a bucket, art and craft recipes, more fun and games and cheap ideas for getting out and about.

I would love to see this section grow to include colour photographs, being the highly visual person that I am.

Section two, the major component of the book holds the vouchers. Vouchers for nearly anything you can think of relating to Little Folk in and around Brisbane. A very handy resource to have for parents with little ones.

This is a great idea and one I hope will grow and flourish with the support of the local community.

Visit Little Folk Friendly for more details.


Anne-Marie R said...

Hire for Baby is set to advertise in the next issue. We missed the deadline for the first one, found out about it too late!

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