Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Crafting Has Begun!

If you followed along with my Christmas posts last year, you may remember my post in which I participated in Jolanthe's Ornament Show and Tell. Or maybe you could just go back and read the post to refresh your memory ;-)

This year I decided that our tree would be filled with handmade ornaments. Ornaments made by the kiddo's during the lead up to Christmas! A tree filled with meaning, pleasure and fun as opposed to plastic store bought ornaments that are meaningless. Yikes, huge ask, better get started.

So our tree is up, yes very early this year, but that was deliberate on my part. I needed a bare tree looking at me daily to give me the kick I needed to organise the ornament crafts for the kids.

I've been pinning like crazy and have many ideas over on my Christmas board at Pinterest. Now just to tackle at least a few of them.

We started with something super easy, that all members of the clan could complete in a short period of time. I gathered a few pine cones that I've had here for quite some time. Some ribbon, pom poms, old tinsel, glue and glitter and set the kids to it.

First up the glitter cone, smother said cone in white PVA (craft) glue and sprinkle with glitter colour/s of choice.

This is one project where a heavy hand works wonders and a 3 year old wielding a jar of glitter is deifinitely the best man for the job!

All pretty and sparkly and ready to hang on the tree.

I handed the kids a stash of old tinsel, they wrapped and pushed it into the pine cones for another sparkly variation.

Finally, christmas sparkle pom poms. At first I had thought we'd need glue, but no, simply push them in well and voila, yet another ornament for the tree.

I tied a piece of red ribbon to each pine cone for easy hanging and the tree already has some life to it.

Check out all of the crafts linked at this year's Christmas Fun link up.


Natalie PlanetSmarty said...

I am not committing to the fully handmade tree, but your pinecone ornaments look lovely. Great start of this project!

Wonderful Homeschool Adventures Logbook said...

They look lovely great ideas

Sig said...

I think you have inspired me to do some christmas craft soon

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