Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ocean Lapbook

Thanks so much to everyone over at Homeschool Share, we put together this Ocean Lapbook whilst we were away at the beach.

I knew I wanted to do something on Oceans whilst we were away (posts about that are here>> and here>> )but I needed it to be simple ....I didn't want to spend hours gathering everything I needed for this. Thankfully Homeschool Share had eveything.

B's cover page. A water colour inspired by the gorgeous art work in the books by Kim Michelle Toft and Allan Sheather.

Inside his open lapbook. The files for this included, poetry, rhymes and songs. Various counting activities (all of which were a little young for him but we included one for review). The creatures that live in a Tide (Rock) Pool. A Five Senses booklet, all about using your senses at the seaside. Plus a neat little booklet on Seagulls. Here's some close ups.

Seagull Booklet

Tide Pool Booklet



Five Senses

Rhymes, songs and poems

This is K's cover page. Essentially they completed the same lapbook each, just with a slight variation or two.

K's has different counting activities. She also did a couple more art/craft activities than B.

There was also a 'What begins with O' wheel that we included in K's.

This did not turn out how we expected but it is included none the less. A beach contact collage. Unfortunately there was just too much sand and the sticky back paper didn't stick very well so everything moves around inside.

And I'm just showing off B's Watercolour again (before I cut it in half) I was very impressed with this. He doesn't have the same love of painting that he has for drawing, simply because of the control aspects. He has complete control over a pencil but at this stage not over paint and at times it does things he really doesn't like. However he spent quite a but of time working on this piece over the week and I think it looks great. Check out his blown blue coral, pretty clever!

Our Ocean display at home on top of our science shelves.

Bits and pieces we have collected over time.

K purchased this Klutz Mermaid scence book whilst on holidays. It is very cute just much smaller than I had anticipated.

Overall this was a simple yet fun week learning about oceans.


Books we read and looked at:

Picture Books

One Less Fish ~ Kim Michelle Toft
Magic Beach ~ Alison Lester
There's A Sea In My Bedroom ~ Margaret Wild
Sea Secrets ~ Dawn McMillan
All You Need For A Beach ~ Alice Schertle
Cork On The Ocean ~ Mark Sommerset
The Bay ~ Ron Bacon
Sailor Bear ~ Martin Waddell
Beach Treasures ~ Helen Lunn


Beach Boy ~ Nicola Smee (easy reader)
Starters - Shells (easy reader)
Smile - We Like Water (easy reader)
My World of Geography - Oceans
Hidden World Oceans Lift The Flaps
Water Worlds - Sea Shores
Australian Guide To Beaches and Rockpools ~ Bob Winters

Other Resources

Homeschool Share - Oceans Lapbook



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