Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tot School # 4

~ C1 is 13 months & 1 week ~

Tot School

C1 enjoyed his first yummy scrummy super healthy Green Slime Ice Block this week. You can read all about them on my other blog if you like.

They were super cold and he sure pulled plenty of funny faces but he couldn't get enough of his little ice cube sized block. I'm so glad they were a hit all round!

It's funny isn't how they pick and choose the things they are interested in. This little rocking horse is always around somewhere, but this week he has been on and off it every single day.

Once again with his wire beaded maze. He played for ages and ages with this. Moving the beads this way and that.

He had his cousins 2nd Birthday Party at a park today so certainly had lots of fun and lots of exploration. It's nice to have Grandma and Grandad at the park also to play with.

Now some of you might want to close your eyes for these photo's, they include a daredevil baby in action. And no it wasn't me encouraging this either!!!

Yes he is covered in blue icing from the cake and yes he is about to go head first down the slide. eeeekkk!!!

But look at this face. Pure joy, he was so excited to be doing this. His little belly must of being doing somersaults inside.

Don't forget to catch me dad!

C1 also tried his hand with the Magndoodle this week and loved it. I didn't get any photo's though. I'll try again next week.

But the most exciting thing that happened this week was he took some steps. Just a couple at a time but he did it and obviously I didn't have my camera ready so no snaps of that I'm sorry. He'll be running around the back yard before I know!

To see what everyone else has been getting up to in Tot School jump over to 1+1+1=1.


Wendy said...

Oh my goodness, how adorable! And thanks for the link to your Green Slime Ice Blocks. I'm going to try them here (my son refuses to eat vegetables).

Goat Gal said...

I totally plan to make some green slime ice blocks! I have a younger tot too! Thanks for the great ideas!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Congratulations on the first steps! And I love the picture of him going down the slide head first!

Kellie said...

OMG! She is so cute!!

Very cute blog design too!

Kylie said...

Thanks ladies, we think he is adorable too. :)

Jess said...

What a fun week! Magna doodles must have been the thing this week as I have seen many others use them this week, my Sunshine included!

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