Monday, August 10, 2009

Tot School # 2

~ C1 is currently 12 months & 2 weeks ~

Tot School

We acquired a Floopy, a what? A Floopy, yes a Floopy. It is a long bendable, soft threading implement, with oversize beads to go with it. This is a fabulous Tot School Tool and C1 loves it! As do B7 & K5 I might add.

This week it was C1's Uncles Birthday and we spent the day with him and the family at Burleigh Heads. We enjoyed a lovely BBQ breakfast and then spent the rest of the morning playing in the playground and exploring the rockpools.

Who needs a sensory play box when you have this to explore. These photo's don't show it but this area was covered in shells, literally covered. I don't think I have ever seen that many shells in one place. C1 had a blast, climbing and exploring here.

He also had his first experience on a super large slippery slide and one of those whirly gigs. Loved the slide and kept asking for more, even though mummy could barely watch as he is just so little on such a big slide. The whirly gig though I'm not too sure if he enjoyed being spun around until his eyes kept spinning even after we had stopped.

Playing a game of peek-a-boo over this rock wall.

All of a sudden he is standing, completely unaided. He just pops himself up and stands there. Sometimes only for a second or two, but he is getting more and more balance and as the week progressed has been able to stand for longer and longer.

He knows how clever he is, he stands there, looking around and waiting for someone to clap him on his job well done, with a huge big grin on his face. All he needs now is to lift a foot and he'll be off.

He loves being outdoors and exploring so of course there was plenty of that this week. Mostly just in the back yard but also watching B7 at his soccer match on the weekend.

Make sure to stop by 1+1+1=1 to have at look at what everyone else got up to during their Tot School this week.


michelle said...

That floppy looks too cool! How fun!

Kylie said...

I know that was a fabulous find. :)

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