Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pipe Cleaner Spiders Web

How To Make A Pipe Cleaner Spiders Web Craft

Remember our Spiders Web that we made for our Bug Diorama's? In case you've forgotten, it's here.

Even though this was not my idea (I saw it somewhere but now can't remember where) I thought it was so cool and oh so easy that I should share the simple step by step details.

All you need is:

3 Pipe Cleaners (you may wish to cut them depending on the size of the web you are wanting)

Step 1: Twist the pipe cleaners together so they look kind of like a star.

Step 2: Grab your string and tie it to the area closest to where the 3 pipe cleaners meet.

Step 3: Start winding your string from pipe cleaner to pipe cleaner. Over and around and then over and around. Keep on going, turning the web as you work.
This step is a good fine motor activity, however it may be a little tricky for younger children as you do need to keep things quite taught.

Step 4: Completed Web. Tie your string off and your web is ready to use.
Adhere it to a diorama, use it in a notebook (it really isn't that bulky). You could even make mini spiders to go along with the web. Try adding wispy bits of cotton wool for that 'spooky' look.

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Mozer said...

What a great idea! I enjoyed reading both of your bug posts. We are learning alot too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kylie said...

Thanks Maureen :) I've book marked yours so I will be back from time to time. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute! with Halloween coming up, I ca see lots of these as spooky treasures adorning our house!

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