Monday, August 24, 2009

Preschool Corner: Writing In Sand & Sound Cylinders

I don't have a great deal of photo's for Preschool Corner this week but you'll understand why if you read my latest Tot School post.

I did however manage to finally paint the tray I have had here for ages for K5 to use as a Sandwriting Tray, alongside her Sandpaper Letters.

She really enjoys using this tray and it has made such a difference with her letter recognition. I just grabbed one of those bare, unpainted trays and gave it a spray of blue paint and some sand. Simple really!
Our sound cylinders also got a work out this week. Another favourite for her.

First you simply take all the cylinders out of the box. Choose two, listen to the sound whilst shaking. If you think they're a match place them together back in the box. Otherwise just keep on listening and shaking.

Here she is using the self checking feature to see how she went. And no she doesn't get them all right all of the time. It always depends on the noise level in the room at the time, her own concentration level and how she tired she is.

We painted a very bubbly, blue B, using bubble wrap instead of a paintbrush. This will get added to her Alphabet Wall she is slowly creating.

If you've been keeping up you will know that we have been learning about all things 'buggy'. What perfect timing to also look more closely at the letter b.

This is the bug patterning activity I put together for her one day.

These beads she got for her birthday so since we were looking at 'B' we dug them out to do some beading. They were actually a little tricky for her as they are wooden beads and the holes aren't perfect.

She got there in the end though.

K5 also played with our Monkey Math. You need to balance the monkey with the same amount of banana's on either side. I only pull out the banana's up to 5 at the moment, once she is working well with those we will add in the remaining banana's up to 10.

What did your preschooler get up to this week? You can see more Preschool Corner posts at Jolanthe's blog.


Nadia@FunWithMama said...

monkey math looks interesting. looks like you guys had a great week at tot schol

Kylie said...

Hey thanks for stopping by. :)

Jolanthe said...

Zachary would probably love the sand tray too...we did some with rice one time, but I do need more sand. :)


Kylie said...

I just borrowed some from the kids sandpit ;-) hehehe

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