Friday, January 22, 2016

A Few Favourite Apps

I thought I'd share just a handful of our favourite apps today. These are mostly educational but I have thrown one in just for fun!

Educational Apps For Learning

Fitzroy Sounding Readers

We have used the in real life readers from Fitzroy Reading with all three of our kiddos, but we only recently grabbed our very first version of the Sounding Readers.

The app includes all stories from that particular level. In this case it is 1x - 10x. To put it quite simply they are just the actual readers in app form, with the added bonus that they have a speaker function. This is perfect for children that want to read independently or if you find yourself in an environment where headphones are needed.

Find the sounding readers in the app store.

Toy Physics App

This is a simple game of directing falling toys into the moving crates below.

However as you progress through the levels things become much more complicated and the player really needs a careful eye, a thinking brain and a steady hand to manoeuvre everything into place.

Find Toy Physics in the app store.

Gears App

Gears is a very simple game at first glance, but it really requires a tremendous amount of concentration and hand eye coordination. Which is why I have placed it in the educational apps section.

You simply move a ball along a series of planks and across various interconnecting rotating gears, but keep everything steady or your ball will be over the edge in an instant!

Beware you can become really quite frustrated with this game.

Find Gears in the app store.

Casey's Contraptions App

This is another app that is light on in Physics concepts. It is actually very similar to Toy Physics but the kids enjoy this also.

Apps For Fun

Fruit Ninja App

I really didn't get why the kids enjoyed this so much. After all it's kind of a do nothing type of game. The aim is to slice as quickly as you can through all the fruits that pop up on the screen.

If you slice groups of them together you get extra points.....but don't be slicing those bombs, ain't nobody want to slice a bomb!

Whilst waiting for a flight recently the kids were madly playing, battling each other for the top score, all engrossed in the game and laughing out loud.

I decided to join in on the fun and I suppose for the few minutes that I played I could see why they enjoy it, except I think I'd up with RSI if I played for too long.

Regardless this is a harmful game that the kids quite enjoy playing.

Find Fruit Ninja in the app store.

Looking for more apps, click on the image below to see what apps are loved and used by other Schoolhouse Crew Members.

Our favourite Apps for Homeschooling iOS and Android

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Unknown said...

I downloaded the Fitzroy reader on for my youngest the other day, will check out the others you mentioned too.

Unknown said...

My daughter really likes Fruit Ninja too! I initially put it on my phone for myself, but they have taken over.

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